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Hadith Riwaya Online

by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad

Hadith Riwaya Online [ 3 ] -- session 14 ⇒ Continuation of Nukhbat al-Fikar
after month of Ramadan   .  .  .  .  .  14:45 until 16:00 UTC*

Our next sessions will be:²
- session 14:   after month of Ramadan
- session 15:   
- session 16:   
²: Continuously updated, inshah Allah.

Texts to be read on session 14,
Continuation of Nukhbat al-Fikar, Arabic & English.
See below row 7 & 8

The following texts have been taught:

1. The article on the Fatiha by Ibn `Abd al-Hadi. (see below no. 1 )
2. ( Read Imam al-Nawawi's Wird.) (see below no. 2 ).
3. Text of Imam al-Uqlishi al-Andalusi's
”40 Hadiths on Invoking Blessings on the Chosen Prophet salla Allahu `alayhi wa sallam”.
(see below no. 3 )

Attached materials in preparation for the sessions and useful references:

Article on Fatiha by Ibn `Abd al-Hadi 1  Arabic - pdf
Bio and Wird of Imam_An-Nawawi 2  English & Arabic - pdf
Narrations of Light upon the Merits invoking blessings* - Uqlishi 3  English & arabic - pdf
Excerpts From The Sháfi’i Risála; pages. 61-64 4  English
On the life of Prophets in the grave - link1 5  English
On the life of Prophets in the grave - link2 6  English
Nukhbat al-Fikar نُخْبَة الفِكَار  7  Arabic - pdf
Nukhbat al-Fikar, by Sh. Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī 8  English - pdf
Uqlishi_40Hadiths.pdf   أنوار الآثار المختصة بفضل الصلاة على سيد الأبرار للأقليشي  Main course text
 9  Arabic - pdf

*( Narrations of Light upon the Merits of Invoking Blessings Upon the Chosen Prophet MHMD )

Audio from session ~
iPhone, iPad, Androiddesktop & other[CTRL-click; or right - click]session no.


Please be online before that so that Sidi Gibril can call everyone at one and the same time and begin promptly. Coming online late means we have to stop the reading and connect each latecomer in.

Regarding disconnects please bear with the short interruptions as it takes a couple of seconds each time to find the disconnected person's name and click them back into the group call.

In order to save bandwidth the following procedure will hopefully secure a functioning communication:

- With Skype: audio only.
- On your computer: please turn off your camera and microphone.

- if problems occur: restart Skype.↵
- otherwise you can use the message facility on Skype.

inshah Allah!

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*Time zones for the event:
Please adjust for summer-time if applicable!
see [time.is/UTC] to determine time in your area.
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated = GMT, UK [ summer-time!] 15:45-17:00
Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia 22:45-00:00 (10:45pm-midnight)
Indonesia 21:45-23:00 (9:45pm-11pm)
South Africa 17:45-19:00 (5:45pm-7pm)
Turkey 17:45-19:00
Sweden 16:45-18:00
Birmingham, UK 15:45-17:00 (3:45pm-5pm)
US East Coast and Michigan 09:45-11:00 (9:45am-11am)

List of some other texts by Sh. Gibril F. Haddad

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