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Remembrance of Allah

Some hadith for dhikr

The principle:
Abu Musa Ash`ari berichtet:

The case of a person who remembers his Lord and of one who does not remember Him is like that of the living and the dead. (Al-Bukhâri) RS-1439 (1434)

100 x
Sa`d bn Abi Waqqâs related:

Once we were sitting with the Holy Prophet when he said:
Could any of you have the strength to earn a thousand virtues in a day?
One of the audience asked as to how one thousand good deeds be earned.

He answered :
If one glorifies Allah (ie. recites subHâna-LLah), a hundred times he would be credited with a thousand good deeds or a thousand sins would be remitted. (Muslim) RS-1436 (1431)


Other regular devotions:
lâ ilâha ill-ALLAHu
1000 x
morning and evening, or as often as possible
100 x
morning and evening, or 27x after S. Fajr for the believers (hadith)

best after every fard

after S. Fajr:

lâ ilâha ill-ALLAHu, wahdahu lâ shârik-ALLAHu
lahu-l mulku wa lahu-l hamd, yuhî wa yumît,
wa huwa `ala kulli shayin qadîr
100x ev. day
(Who says:)
lâ ilâha ill-ALLAHu, wahdahu lâ shârik-ALLAHu
lahu-l mulku wa lahu-l hamd,
wa huwa `ala kulli shayin qadîr
     as the freeing of 10 slaves,
    100 virues recorded,
    100 vices blotted out,
    is a safeguard against Shaitan till evening... M-6508
100x a day
(Who says:)
subhâna-LLahi wa bi-hamdihi
his sins are blotted out even to the extent of the foam of the sea.M-6508

RH = Riyâdh us-SâliHîn, An-Nawâwî M = Muslim


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•   lawful whether individually or collectively


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