On The US -Neocolonialist Strategy

On The US -Neocolonialist Strategy

by Omar K Neusser

Since the end of World War II we have been witnessing the expansion of the developed West, with the USA at its forefront, into countries of Latin-America, Asia and into Africa and particularly into Muslim countries of the Middle East with the illegal entity1 Israel as its outpost. This expansion has mostly been aggressive and always to the detriment of the concerned peoples, fomenting unrest (”regime-change”), instigating wars (“to bring democracy”), at other times it has meant the economic, political and cultural dominance of Western nations over the rest, (”neo-imperialism” also in the disguise of ”globalization.” 2).

The driving motor has been the unsatiable greed for resources, markets and influence, which has threatened and is still threatening the lives3, honor and wealth of the peoples of the South incl. the Muslim peoples, who want to be themselves and who want to live their lives as they deem right and according to their traditions.4

  1. illegal entity: because of ethnical clensing of the original inhabitants, the land-theft, the discrimination of those still there - until today and ongoing. See o/zion_e.html and fzion_e.html

  2. more on: neo-colonialism & Globalization

  3. U.S. Drone Wars Fuel War Crimes and The civilian victims of the CIA’s drone war

  4. This neocolonialist strategy, which is set on US world dominance, works by different means, either by imperialist wars such as was the case with Afghanistan and Iraq, or otherwise by “low-intensity conflicts”(LIC) including covert strategies. This has lately mutated into illegal, extra-territorial remote-control assassinations such as the murder of several Iranian physicists and scientists or drone killings of innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen.