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What About Smoking In Islam ?

The fatwa on smoking has become more restrictive with the growth of information on the dangerous nature of smoking. The range of fatwa on smoking today is between makruh and haram. It stands to reason that the latter is closer to being correct in view of the strong evidence that smoking poses a danger to the health of both the primary and secondary smokers, and Allah knows best.

Something should be said also about squandering; and the ugly side-effects of smoking, such as bad breath, bad smell of clothing and hair, yellowed fingers, teeth, and skin, bad manners, and whatever other negative effects of this degraded condition into which Shaytan has imprisoned droves of Muslim men today. May Allah help us.

With respect to the fight against this addiction, the US is in the top rank - as in many other meritorious practices that should rightly have been the pride of Muslims before non-Muslims. Now here is an elemental topic for US-bashers to ponder.

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latest update: Thu, 12 Feb 2009
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