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Should we join the Jamaat in Makka?

It has been narrated in one hadith that, once a man spitted facing the Kaaba and Rasulullah ﷺ said that no one should pray behind him. Then on the basis of this hadith, if some one insults Rasulullah ﷺ why should we pray before him.
Dearest brother, there is no such hadith to my knowledge nor any such prohibition. To my knowledge, the hadith in question only states that the Prophet ﷺ once saw sputum in the mosque and told the Companions that no-one should spit in the direction of his prayer for at that moment Allah is facing him; so the person should spit under his left foot [in a mosque where the floor is gravel] or into two folds of his garment. This applies to people who lived in harsher and less genteel conditions than we.

Yes there is a report from one of the salaf - Bishr ibn al-Harith or al-Fudayl ibn ʿIyad - that he traveled to hear a hadith from someone and when he arrived at that person's location he entered the mosque and saw him spit on the wall of the mosque. Whereupon he turned right around without asking him anything, saying: "This man cannot be entrusted to transmit the words of the Prophet ﷺ if he has such poor adab."

Spitting facing the Kaʿba is bad adab, it does not take one out of Islam nor does it cancel his wudu' nor make his imamate invalid. But, like not wearing anything on one's head, or wearing tight-fitting pants, it is only bad adab that the imam - of all people - should be the first to avoid. Allah knows best.

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