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[1] Concerning Sajda, An Act Of Worship

In reply to the following statements by S34:

Sajda is an act of worship, if done for Allah(SWT) for any purpose, cause is Halal and correct...[and] we do not argue for the reasons/causes for the act rather the act itself. Therefore Sajda to ALLAH(SWT) is halal for any reason or cause,

I find S34's incoherence here a bit too much.

Is sajda for Allah (SWT) correct without wudu' for example? or in a dirty place? or opposite to the Qibla for one who knows the Qibla? or towards a person? or towards a grave?

Is sajda done opposite to the causes spelled out by the Prophet ﷺ who said: "Pray as you saw me pray" and opposite to the way of the Sahaba and the Imams of the Salaf correct??

S34's reply that "sajda... done for Allah (SWT) for any purpose, cause is Halal and correct," is therefore an invitation to invent your own religion as you please.

Be warned brothers and sisters that this S34 is proposing the essence of innovation and the founding-principle of BIDʿA.

Hadith: - "They will stand at the gates of Hellfire inviting people in."

A few years ago the our Masjid in Long Island, NY, had organized Friday community iftars during the month of Ramadan which they held in a local chapter of one of the Christian philantropic clubs such as Lion's. The hall was filled with life-size statues of Joseph and Mary etc. There was a group of visiting Tablighis with us. People broke their fast, then Iqama was raised and we lined up. As I raised my head just before Takbirat al-Ihram from my spot in the first row I saw a huge wooden crucifix hanging on the wall in front of all of us, one or two yards from the imam. No-one raised a peep. They, their women and their children were all going to make sajda towards that object. Of course I took a step forward, took it off the wall and placed it on a table without thinking twise about it. Later I was told: "Brother, our contract stipulates we must touch nothing and not change anything from its place."

The following is further proof of the danger in S34's method. He said:

But sajda to the graves of Awliya for reasons of respect and love is Haram and Shirk. The same is making circles around Awliya's graves and asking for Help. The muslims should only make TAWAF around the KABA and asking help from ALLAH(SWT).

Here S34 has done three things. He has:

1) changed the subject upon which he seems unable to focus.

2) Mixed a correct fatwa (sajda to the graves of Aylia for respect & Love reasons is Haram) with an incorrect fatwa (sajda to the graves of Aylia for respect & Love reasons is shirk). It is MAʿSIYA, not shirk, S34.

What is shirk, is the blind-following of innovators in making up a new religion which they call with a flashy name such as "Universal Truth"!

Imam al-Dhahabi said:

"The prostration of the Muslim to the grave of the Prophet ﷺ is for the intention of magnification and reverence. One is *not* imputed disbelief because of it whatsoever (la yukaffaru aslan), but he is being *disobedient* [to the Prophet's injunction to the Companions]. Let him therefore be informed that this is forbidden. Similarly in the case of one who prays towards the grave." Muʿjam al-Shuyukh (1:73).

3) S34 has *attributed shirk to the Sahaba* wal-ʿiyadhu billah.

Bilal ibn al-Harth (RA) asked the Prophet ﷺ for help from the Prophet ﷺ by coming at his grave (Ibn Abi Shayba with a sahih chain according to al-Bayhaqi, Ibn Hajar, and Ibn Kathir); and the Mother of the Believers advised the people to make istisqa' by making an opening over the Noble Grave (al-Darimi, sahih according to Mamduh in Rafʿ al-Minara). These are proofs from the Sahaba for permissibility of TAWASSUL through the Awliya'.

Qadi ʿIyad said in al-Shifa: "Disparaging the Sahaba is haram, and the one who does it is cursed."

In conclusion, S34 has answered a simple question by proposing new rulings for a new religion, then he compounded this by making grave statements proving there is fear he himself has gone beyond innovation and into a graver region. Our refuge is Allah.

What advice can S34 possibly give others when he cannot answer a simple question without committing grave mistakes and even KABA'IR or worse in attributing kufr to the Companions of the Prophet ﷺ?

[from signature:]"Universal Truth"

And when will he stop taking the readers for idiots with such a signature? May Allah never make your untruths universal but confine them where they belong!

Hajj Gibril

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[2] reply for question on Sajda (Elusivism)

Syed34 wants to define his bidʿa and tell people to stay away from it yet he is unable or unwilling to come out and say if a specific act I asked him about, is a bidʿa or not. I believe he has no idea. Now he tells me that if I ask him such a question, it is like the Iraelites arguing with Allah Subhan wa Taʿala!

This is not the first time someone on this and other forums insists that they are "guiding the Umma" yet displays misguided manners and less knowledge. If you were to ask them what are the necessary conditions of wudu' as opposed to its obligations they could not answer you. They do not know how to clean themselves after going to the toilet, but they do know how to attribute to Muslims "rituals borrowed from Budhaism" and compare them to the disbelievers of the Bani Isra'il. Subhan Allah ʿamma yasifun.

As I said in another reply to one of his brothers:

Imam al-Shafiʿi reportedly said that if he were to debate 40 Ulema he would defeat them but if one ignoramus were to debate him, the ignoramus would defeat him. This is because an ignoramus will never accept proofs but keeps on arguing and arguing. There is little to do with them except send them on their way and there is no respect whatsoever for them or their opinions, "Islamic" or otherwise.

Hajj Gibril

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[3] Open Letter to Aqeeb farid (Brailviism)

But, my fellow muslims, what I strongly believe, that we will never become true muslims until our lives copies 100% the lives of the Noble Sahabas in every aspect of our daily living.

What is your proof for such a statement? Are you making up a Sixth Pillar for Islam?

Every act of worship is in Hell which has not being done by the Prophet ﷺ and the Noble Sahaba.

Suppose a person makes sajda for Allah suddenly, without reason, such as was never done by the Prophet ﷺ and the Sahaba. Is this act of worship in the Fire or will it be accepted by Allah?


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