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The Greetings of Salām

Someone wrote:

In his suggestive message, brother L thought that my customary salutation that excludes non-Muslims was my way of telling the world that I think he is not a Muslim. I believe that brother L is a Muslim; although a one who doesn't understand Islam but he is still a Muslim. He never provided us one shred of evidence that the Quran we all read today is based in missing letters or words. And yet he claims I am the ignorant one.

Can the whispering of hubris so triumph as to make one claim to know who "understands Islam" or "doesn't understand Islam"? Subhan Allah.

Al-Suyuti said in his Fatwa on the narration "Whoso knows himself...":

"Tell him, this is a long topic for explanation.

"You do not know yourself, you do not know your own attributes, "Nor where your soul is in its essence, nor where it travels. "Or, where do your mind and your understanding go when you sleep? "Ignoramus, you do not even know how the bread you just ate proceeds from you!"

Imam Nawawi in al-Adhkar (Mecca ed. p. 311) said:

It was narrated to us in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim from Usama ibn Zayd - may Allah be pleased with both of them: "The Prophet ﷺ passed by a group sitting in which there were a mixture of Muslims and Mushriks - both idolaters and Jews -, and he gave them salaam (i.e. salam ʿalaykum)."

Look at the Prophetic practice, so luminous and simple. Then look at our endless prattle, verging on incoherence. A brother recently told me that one of the Friends of Allah once said: "The weaker a person's iman is, the closer that person is to madness."

Wal-ʿiyadhu billah.

GF Haddad


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