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Praying With Husband

On Fridays ; we pray collectively in the mosquee but the thing is that we pray the salat el dohr 15 minutes before the exact time because the Imam has to work and be on time at his workplace. Is it right or is it wrong ?

This is permitted according to the madhhab of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal but its only explicit proof is one weak hadith and so Imam Nawawi said the vast majority disagree with this position.

My husband wants me to pray again when im home because he says that that prayer cannot count

This is safer because the time before mid-day is invalid for Salat al-Jumu`a according to the majority of the Muslim scholars. Also:

1. A woman does not have to pray Jumu`a. She may pray zuhr at home instead. 2. It is recommended for everyone to pray Salat al-Zuhr after Salat al-Jum`a anyway.

Could you help me then by any text or anything that could prove it is wrong or right

I. The texts used by Imam Ahmad and his School to prove that it is right are:

1. Muslim in his Sahih, Ahmad in his Musnad, and al-Nasa'i in his Sunan narrated from Jabir RadyAllahu `anh:

"The Prophet used to pray Jumu`a then we would go to our camels to lead them to rest at the time the sun would pass its midmark."

But this was understood by the other Imams to mean exaggeration in praying early, not that they literally prayed before the normal zuhr time.

2. `Abd Allah ibn Saydan al-Sulami - he is not known - said: I attended Jumu`a with Abu Bakr and his Khutba and Salat finished before the middle of the day. Then I attended Jumu`a with `Umar, and his Khutba and Salat lasted until I could say: we have reached mid-day. Then I attended Jumu`a with `Uthman, and his Khutba and Salat lasted until I could say: the day has finished. Nor did I see anyone blame them for it nor disapprove of it." Narrated by al-Daraqutni and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, who used it as a proof but al-Nawawi, Ibn Hajar, al-Shawkani and others said this is a weak narration.

Imam Ahmad added: "It has also been narrated of Ibn Mas`ud, Jabir, Sa`id, and Mu`awiya that they prayed Salat al-Jumu`a before mid-day. This is because it is a `Eid Salat resembling the Two `Eids."

II. Some of the texts used by Imam Abu Hanifa, Malik, al-Shafi`i, and their Schools or others to prove that it i wrong are:

1. Al-Bukhari, Ahmad, Abu Dawud, and al-Tirmidhi narrated from Anas that he said: "The Prophet used to pray Jumu`a at the time the sun passed its midpoint."

2. Al-Bukhari and Muslim narrated from Salama ibn al-Akwa` that he said: "We used to pray Jumu`a with the Messenger of Allah when the sun passed its midpoint then we would return home trying to walk in the shade." This hadith is the strongest evidence from the viewpoint of grading.

NOTE: Al-San`ani in Subul al-Salam (2:45) said: Imam Malik permitted the Khutba before mid-day on Jumu`a, but not the Salat itself. If this is correct it is a beautiful way of reconciling all the evidence on the issue.

And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril

GF Haddad �


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