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How did Adam (as) go against the Order?

My question is, if in Paradise one cannot go against the Order of Allah (swt), then how did Adam ( ʿalaihi salām) go against the Order of refraining from the fruit of the tree while still in Paradise?

There are many replies available to this classic conandrum on the Prophets' ʿIsmat (exemption from sin). However, rather than translating from this or that book as I usually do, I preferred to cite a reply which you will probably not find in any book, taken from Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's Tafsir of Surat al-Kahf - Allah guard him with His best care. The gist of this reply is that, thanks to Adam's (as) fault, the light of Bayt al-Maʿmur was descended on earth, as a result of which people can circumambulate the Kaʿba:

"Ibn Abbas (ra) said, when Allah (swt) ordered Adam (as) to go to Earth, as soon as he arrived on Earth, he made sajda, he went into prostration, asking Allah's forgiveness for the sin that he had made. Allah sent Jibril after 40 years. He was in prostration. He didn't raise his head for 40 years - repenting to Allah (swt).
Who can do that? You? So how can they say, "Oh those prophets are like us! Human beings." Okay, make sajda for 40 years. Tell these present-day scholars - let them make sajda for 40 years.

Sayyidina Adam (as) ate from the tree. HOW MANY TIMES DO THEY EAT FROM TREES!!! These scholars. Not from one tree, from millions of trees! So they have to make sajda, not for 40 years! All of us we have to make millions of years of sajda. So how can they say there is no difference between them and Prophet ﷺ. "He's the same as us!"
If Adam (as) made 40 years of sajda, how much do we have to do for Allah to forgive us from our sins? So Jibril (as), Allah sent Jibril to him after 40 years, "Raise your head. Allah (swt) has forgiven you."

Then Adam (as) raised his head, and said, "Ya Rabbi," I am requesting, I miss circumambulation (like we make around the 'arsh). He used to circumambulate the 'arsh. Eh? Go around the 'arsh in circles.
He said, "I miss that." Fa ahbatal Lahu bait ul-ma'moor. Allah has sent to Adam al-Baytul Ma'moor - The Full House that is full of Light, and Worship. And it was yaqutatil hamraʿ, it was a red ruby, fa ʿada'a ma bainal mashriqi wal maghrib. Between East and West was Light. So it means that when Allah wants something, it will happen. Isn't that right? So if Allah wants Judgment Day tomorrow, it will happen. He will send from above, a smoke, He will open the Wall of Zul Qarnain, Juj and Maʿjuj come and eat everything.

When Allah wants something, don't say, "Should we prepare or not?" You HAVE to be ready always. And it is not up to leaders and presidents, whether or not to accept that event coming from heavens.
No one will be asking for permission from them. Angels have to take permission from presidents and leaders? Allah doesn't care about presidents and leaders! They are nothing! Adam (as) made sajda for 40 years.
If we do sajda for many years, we are still sinners. Fa la nuqeemu lahum yawmal Qiyamati wazna. We do not give them a weight - there is no weight for them, if they are presidents or kings, or scholars, or fat people, wrestlers. They do not mean ANYTHING. They have no weight, as Allah (swt) said in Suratul Kahf. They have no weight. We make their 'amal habaʿan mansura - as if not existing. So when He said "al-Bayt ul-Maʿmoor," East and West was Light.

Nowadays they make fireworks. Fireworks! They are happy. FIREWORKS! Allah Allah! When Allah is going to send SHOOTING STARS, asteroids, Allah Allah, that day, let them show us their fireworks. Asteroids and shooting stars of heavens, or fireworks of mankind. Which is bigger? Yawma taʿti samatu bi dukhanin mubeen. IT'S COMING! LET THEM PLAY, LET THEM LAUGH, LET THEM SMILE, LET THEM ENJOY, CELEBRATING THE SECOND MILLENIUM. It's coming.

What Allah promised, everyone is going to see it. If not today then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, after tomorrow. For Allah, time has no importance. For us, it has importance. Don't care! If you die, and it didn't come in your time, you are there! Already! You will reach it more quickly than the others. Right?

When Jibril (as) came to Prophet ﷺ, he said, "Ya Rasul Allah ﷺ, do you want me to take you. Allah is calling you. As you like." The only human being that Allah (swt) gave him a choice whether to go to his Lord or to stay in dunya even until the end of dunya, Allah would have given him life. He said, "No, for what?" The message is complete. I will go. So if we die, it's heavy. We feel it. Heavy, we are afraid, but you are there before the others. And that's why it's important that you be ready with your 'amal, because if your 'amal was not ready, you will be a loser.

When that light appeared between East and West, "Fanafarat al-jinnu wash shayateen." Jinn and shayateen were afraid, they were running. And "fazzi'u wa tafarraqu fil jawl." All of them, they scattered, and they were in the space, afraid. When they saw the light coming from the site of Mecca, they approached to see. "Fa ʿarsalal Lahu Ta'ala malaʿikatahu," Allah sent His angels. "Fa qaamu hawaalyal Haram," they surrounded the whole place in that area where the light landed, and that area became a Holy Area, protected by angels, no jinn, no unbelievers can enter that place. And that's why it's called "Al-Masjid al-Haram." Allah Allah."

End of excerpt from Shaykh Hisham Kabbani's Tafsir Surat al-Kahf.

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