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Shia using Sunni sources?

...refuted using purely Sunni sources by 'Allamah Sayyid 'Ali Milani ..

Do you know what a contradiction is? It is what takes place every time a militant Shiʿi makes a statement using purely Sunni sources. In other words - I am sorry to say - makes up falsehoods.

Please see below as narrated by Ibn Majah and Ahmad bin Hanbal how Ash'ath bin Qays stays one night at 'Umar's house and wakes up in the middle of the night to witness 'Umar beating his wife until Ash'ath has to stand between the two to stop him. Then 'Umar fabricates a hadeeth and claims that Allah will not ask a man about beating his wife on the Day of Judgement!

Who is the fabricator here? Both Ibn Majah's and Ahmad's chains are through "Dawud al-Awdi, from ʿAbd al-Rahman al-Musli." This narration - Allah knows best - does not come to us through any other path. And Dawud is weak while ʿAbd al-Rahman is unknown. ʿUmar knew more than you that Allah will ask a man about beating even his beast of burden or his slave on the Day of Judgment, let alone his wife.

Even Shibi Nu'mani in volume two of his biography of 'Umar states that 'Umar was not very good with women and children and women and children didn't like 'Umar!

On the contrary, he stated that ʿUmar did not let one widow or orphan go hungry or unclothed in the entire Caliphate. Besides, ʿUmar alighted in his palaces in Paradise a millenium before Shibli Nuʿmani was born so never mind "even him."

May Allah have mercy on the Ahl al-Bayt and clear them from any association with corpse-eaters and other defamators on the Day of Judgment.

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[6 Apr 2001]





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