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Ya Shaykh Madad (calling out )

what is the position of the four madhabs and the pious scholars on calling the living or those who have past on to barzakh, with words such as ya shaykh abdul qadir (r a) madad, thinking they can help you only by the permision of Allah is this permisible? and what about surah al fathia : the alone we worship , the alone we turn to and the alone we ask for HELP? does this meen we should ask Allah alone and not ask maddad of any body?the deobandis say it is shirk if we ask by calling on people absent?

The Qur'an also shows Dhul-Qarnayan using the term "help me" in Surat al-Kahf (a╩┐eenuni) which is the same root as "turn to for help" in the Fatiha.

This means that there are two senses: one is the absolute sense, which is used for Allah alone and is shirk to use for anyone else; the other which can be used with creatures as in saying "Madad" or "pass the salt".

And Allah knows best.

Hajj Gibril
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