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For the benefit of the reader are listed here are some important Threadreader summaries , may Allah grant us success in this life and in the next!

20 Lessons on Fighting Tyranny, @timothydsnyder, 20190724
1. DO NOT OBEY IN ADVANCE. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. Anticipatory obedience teaches authorities what is possible and accelerates unfreedom.

How to Serve as Wali in Marriage, Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190722
The way most Muslims live (as well as conservative Chrstns and Jews), men ask for a woman's hand in marriage from the dad. The dad is not a turn-style who has to say yes. He is a "wali" or protector of his daughter's rights.

On the Sexualization of Kids, Drag Kids Etc, Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190624
When terrorism became a thing, people asked, do you condemn this? Fair question and we all repeated a zillion times that we do. Now, sexualization of kids, Drag Kids, etc, is a thing. Do liberal leaders condemn it? Can they?

Asking Why God Can’t Stop Evil in the World, Dr. Shadee Elmasry, 20190624
Pointing to evil in the world and asking why God can’t stop it is the most popular way of rejecting Theism today (i.e. the belief in the existence of a god (or) a creator who intervenes in the universe). But it is not new. It has existed for ages.


The Life of Imam Shamil, @AmrikiYaqub, 20190723
During the time of Imam Shamil, the Russians were a powerhouse. They had defeated the Persians, the Turks. They ruled all the way up to China. …The Russians were talking about taking the Caucasus and starting a new crusade and to "liberate" Jerusalem. Then came Imam Shamil (ra) who would not allow this superpower to move.





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