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2021-02-17/ 2009




Re: The Birth-Date Of The Prophet And The History Of The Mawlid

It comes as no surprise the standard anti-Mawlid discourse continues with its distraction and miseducation. What is sad is no one flails the factual gaps and legal incoherence. Datewise, 12 Rabi` al-Awwal is the mashhur in the Umma, end of discussion, at least as far as the general public is concerned. Any honest discourse on Mawlid needs to reflect that fact.

Two, the legal *asl* is the Holy Prophet's (upon him blessings and peace) own emphasis, in that he *marked* his birthday both verbally ("That is the day I was born") and with an act (fasting) - no other birthday was marked in the authentic Sunna - and he encouraged the Companions to extol his person in their panegyrics. Hence we mark his birthday and extol his person. "The asl is Sunna even if the modality is bid`a" (Shaykh al-Islam Zakariyya).

Three, the people of Makka singled out the Mawlid Mosque for du`a and nafl centuries before the Fatimis singled out the Mawlid month for sadaqa. But the latter universalizes a good deed otherwise restricted to the Meccans - and made impracticable after the Wahhabis' destruction of the Mawlid Mosque. For good reason did Abu Shama, al-Dhahabi and Ibn Kathir consider the Fatimi celebration a praiseworthy innovation. If it was good enough for those three, it is good enough for us.

GF Haddad

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