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2021-02-17/ 2009



Re: Critiques Of A Book 'Refuting' Habib 'Ali Al-Jifri

What is the story behind [the below mentioned] book? Does anyone here know of a decent refutation/response to the book 'ila ayn ayyuhal jifri'
Apparently it was written by one Ustadh Khaldun al-Makki al-Hasani with a commendation by Shaikh Muhammad Karim Rajih and Mustafa Sa'id al-Khunn. I have recently read the book and find it quite surprising that the latter two scholars would write commendations for such a book.

Shaykh Kurayyim Rajih is known to have had such tendencies even though he is on record as praising Habib Ali extravagantly. ...

Then the Khaldun drivel came out, which rehashes the same anti-Sufi generalities to which we are used, but which shall nevertheless be dealt with in due time in sha Allah.

As for Shaykh Mustafa al-Khann, he likewise has no background in tasawwuf as well as being aged and ailing, so in my estimation he was hoodwinked by those in whose trustworthiness he kept a good opinion, to support a local against an outsider. WAllahu a`lam.



Al-Hamdu lillah,

Our beloved Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi Kharsa has made available his detailed refutation of that latest bankrupt attack on tasawwuf by "Khaldun al-Hasani" and his quelling of the fire of fitna fanned by certain people in Damascus.

The refutation is entitled [ARABIC] "The open learned refutation of him who claims Hasani lineage" and it is available at:
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In the course of this refutation Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi said:
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"It has become clear from the refutation of the misguidance and falsehoods of the objector that there is not in the discourse of al-Habib al-Jafri any mistake in doctrine, or in fiqh, or in hadith, or in history, or in spiritual wayfaring; rather, these are only insinuations stemming from short-sightedness and little knowledge, as they [the perceived mistakes] all have different sound interpretations which are supported with evidence and proofs.

"And since the objector said that what he mentioned sufficed, I also say that what I mentioned suffices, namely what I called 'The open (`alani) learned (`ilmi) refutation of him who claims Hasani lineage' and if he were to add more, I would add more, and I am more than prepared for him and his likes among the people of falsehood, misguidance and deviation, in the watchtower for as long as I live, and when I die at the expiration of my term - and I ask Allah Most High for the best end and a death on the belief of Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama`a and the Sufis - truly Allah Most high shall send, against the likes of those people, someone like me or better than me, at whose hand Allah shall make truth triumph and falsehood wane, and He speaks truth saying: { Nay, We hurl the Truth against falsehood, and it knocks out its brain, and behold, falsehood does perish! } (al-Anbiya' 18) and He said: { That He might cause the Truth to triumph and bring falsehood to nothing, however averse to it the sinners might be. } (al-Anfal 8)."

GF Haddad 2009-01-29