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Gaza: Goldstone Report Not Recanted Or Retracted
On The Zionist War Crimes 2009/10

ed. by Omar K Neusser

These are some of the main points from the speeches by Norman Finkelstein and Mr. Weiss, available at YouTube

Norman Finkelstein, Peter Weiss consider Israel's shameful massacre of Gaza as condemned by Goldstone Report for the UN. They deal with Goldstone's murky retraction of his report language changing "intentional" to "indiscriminate."
Event at Columbia University, May 2, 2011.

Very serious war crimes have been committed.
"There was no war in Gaza, there was a massacre." N F

It was "a deliberately disproportionate attack designed to punish, humiliate and terrorize the civilian population. "

From the Goldstone report, this part was not recanted. On the Israeli engagement into Gaza 2009/2010.

Source http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo2Lo_V6UxA

Israel used ”insane amounts of firepower against the civilian population.”
Witness by several Israeli soldiers.

Zilni Livi: By going wild. 26:00 Real huliganism, mad dog, lunatic, goes crazy,

But the basic principle of law is: The doer of an act must be taken to have intended its natural and foreseeable consequences.


An indiscriminate, disproportional attack that inevitably and predictably results in civilian deaths, is indistinguishable from a deliberate and _intentional_ attack on civilians.

It is criminal behaviour, acting crazy. Isr Judge ca.3030 Merciless, heartless massacre on a defenseless population. NF

Weiss: McGallen-Davis report, instituted by tbe UN to report on what both parties are doing to implement the Goldstone recommendations. "We have found that about 400 investigations (legal cases) are being conducted." they didn't lead to anything, except for 3 enlightenments, one conciction about the theft of a credit card by an Isr soldier, he got7 months.

His recantation was not about the facts, but more about the intention. Ie. that Isr set out to commit these terrible things and the order came from above. There were many statements by high level officials. Weiss: it doesn't matter if it was official policy or not, chances are it was official, but unannounced, un admitted policy. "

But according to international law it is enough for the ordinance in charge of an operation to fail to take action to prevent war crimes. ...more verbose - 45:23 Weiss on international humanitarian law: It has a long history, f ex 1138 ? ... prohibited the use of ross cc Lieva ? code 1863 Inadequacy of military justice 5210

The need of absolute accountability for these crimes. - The Goldstone so called recantation is still firmly on the absolute need of ~ .-.



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