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Hadith Riwaya Online

by Shaykh Gibril Fouad Haddad

Hadith Riwaya Online [ 2 ] -- session 7
Sunday 14 April 2013   .  .  .  .  .  14:45 until 16:00 UTC*

The following texts will be taught:

1. - The Arba`in of Imam al-Hasan b. Sufyan al-Nasawi
(perhaps the third earliest collection of 40 hadiths known)

40Nasawi.pdf   الأربعين للنسوي  The main course text

Our next sessions will be:
- session 07:   April 14
- session 08:   April 21
- session 09:   April 28
- session 10:   May 5
- session 11:   May 12
   inshah Allah.

2. - Attached materials in preparation for the sessions and useful references:

Hijra_Hadiths_e.html 1  only in english
Hijra_Hadiths.pdf 2  engl. & arabic - pdf
Hijra_Hadiths.doc 3  engl. & arabic - Word -doc
Ibn_Hajar_Commentary_on_Hadith_Jibril.pdf 4  pdf
Qadariyya_and_Murjia_Hadith.pdf 5  pdf
1st-h-Nasawis40.html 6  1st hadith in Nasawi’s 40
Sharik al-Nakha`i as a narrator.pdf 7  as reference
Weights and measures.pdf 8   الإيضاح والتباين في معرفة المكيال والميزان

Apart from the reading of hadiths something from the attached materials or the treatise on reading Al-Fatiha [pdf] will be read, if there is enough time - inshah Allah.

Please be online before that so that Sidi Gibril can call everyone at one and the same time and begin promptly. Coming online late means we have to stop the reading and connect each latecomer in.

Regarding disconnects please bear with the short interruptions as it takes a couple of seconds each time to find the disconnected person's name and click them back into the group call.

In order to save bandwidth the following procedure will hopefully secure a functioning communication:

- With Skype: audio only.
- On your computer: please turn off your camera and microphone.

- if problems occur: restart Skype.↵
- otherwise you can use the message facility on Skype.

inshah Allah!

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Omar K Neusser

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*Time zones for the event:
Please adjust for summer-time if applicable!
see [time.is/UTC] to determine time in your area.
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated = GMT, UK [ summer-time!] 15:45-17:00
Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia 22:45-00:00 (10:45pm-midnight)
Indonesia 21:45-23:00 (9:45pm-11pm)
South Africa 17:45-19:00 (5:45pm-7pm)
Turkey 17:45-19:00
Sweden 16:45-18:00
Birmingham, UK 15:45-17:00 (3:45pm-5pm)
US East Coast and Michigan 09:45-11:00 (9:45am-11am)

Some texts by Sh. Gibril F. Haddad

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