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From Christchurch to India: How India’s RSS Inspires White Nationalist Violence in World

Pieter Friedrich — April 4, 2019

White Nationalist Terrorism

All three men [the white supremacist terrorists] … identified the cause of this alleged apocalypse as an increasingly egalitarian global perspective which proposes that people of all races and religions can, and should, live peaceably in a multicultural society.

“As an American, we are taught to accept living in the melting pot,” complained Roof. He was horrified that this teaching coincides with a conclusion that “black and other minorities have just as much right to be here as we do, since we are all immigrants.” Yet, he argues, white people “are, in fact, superior” to all these others. Claiming that “white culture is world culture” and “has been adopted by everyone in the world,” he insisted there is a need to “protect the white race” from pollution by other races or cultures.

Roof, who was only 22 when he penned his 5-page manifesto, apparently didn’t realize the idea he was railing against is known as“multiculturalism” — the idea that a peaceful society can accommodate people who live life in radically different ways.

These self-anointed crusaders for an ethno-nationalist vision of a “pure” society — a vision which, in Breivik’s words, focuses on “saving the racially distinctive character of the Aryans” — didn’t materialize from a void. These Aryan storm troopers were created by a long line of fear-mongering polemicists whose words are being put into action. While shadowy internet forums are often accused of fostering white nationalist violence (which they do), the terrorists are bred and mentally groomed by a far more developed ideological framework.

Jensen repeats the same theme, declaring, “Multiculturalism is not about tolerance or diversity. It is an anti-Western hate ideology designed to dismantle Western civilization.” In his mind, the greatest threat posed by multiculturalism is that, as Beliën phrased it, it has “opened the door to the Muslims.”

In 1995, Serbs staged a genocide of Bosniaks under the orders of Radovan Karadžić, who was then president of the newly-formed Serbian Republic. The killings… 

[old photo]

Savarkar called for the Indian subcontinent to be turned into an ethno-state of Hindus, for Hindus, and only for Hindus.

Savarkar called for a final solution to Islam in India. “If we Hindus in India grow stronger, in time these Muslims… will have to play the part of German Jews,” he warned.

Thus, Golwalkar proclaimed the Nazi policy towards the Jews as “a good lesson for us in Hindustan to learn and profit by.”

Neatly uniformed and armed with lathis, they often perform intricate maneuvers. Gathering for special rallies at massive parade grounds, tens of thousands at a time turn out to drill with militaristic rigor.

The RSS (and its many subsidiaries) has since been linked to many other major incidents of anti-minority violence all across India. These include the 1969 Gujarat Riots

Expressing support for “Indian nationalists in general,” Breivik stated: “Our goals are more or less identical.”

Savitri Devi lived out World War II publishing books and pro-Hitler magazines in India. Devi says she worked as a traveling lecture promoting Hindu nationalism alongside Nazism.

Arktos Media, which he co-founded with Swedish white nationalist Daniel Friberg in 2009.

“Topics discussed included similarities and possibilities of cooperation between traditionalist and conservative movements in Europe and Asia,” reported Arktos. They also talked about “future book projects.”

Detailing a plan of action, Morales suggests that the RSS should “construct an elite political vanguard capable of leading the people by their own spiritual example.”

First and foremost, he says the RSS should, “Annihilate the immediate existential threat from Communist terrorists, Islamic Jihadists, and Christian missionaries.” They should then encourage children to become “warriors and leaders” instead of IT professionals, “revive the Kshatriya (warrior) spirit,” and “re-Aryanize, re-Vedicize, and re-spiritualize” Indian culture.

Claiming that whites have become rootless wanderers with no sense of identity, he states, “Who are we? We aren’t just white. White is a checkbox on a census form. We are part of the peoples, history, spirit, and civilization of Europe.”

Conclusion: Examine, Expose, and Oppose Supremacism

Whether it’s smaller-scale attacks like in Charlottesville or massacres like in Norway and New Zealand, the ideology of white nationalism is manifesting in real world violence around the globe. The same motivating spirit of identitarianism, xenophobia, and supremacy is rising in organized form — and at a shocking pace — in Poland, the Ukraine, Hungary, Germany, France, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Turkey, Australia, Brazil, the Philippines, and India.

exposing them at a global level, and then standing firmly in solidarity, unity, and love with all people who want a peaceful society where freedom, equality, and justice are the only things which reign supreme.

Pieter Friedrich,

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