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Far-Right Extremism

By Ben Makuch and Mack Lamoureux, Nov 20 2018

Neo-Nazis Are Organizing Secretive Paramilitary Training Across America

A propaganda photo reportedly showing affiliated members of The Base on a “recent camping trip practicing bushcraft.” Photo via Twitter.

Within the confines of a secure chat room viewed by VICE, Spear and his burgeoning global web of terror cells are networking, creating propaganda, organizing in-person meet-ups, and discussing potential violence or “direct action” against minority groups, especially Jewish and black Americans.

...“I'm all about violence, but I want to gather with people and plan something out,” wrote one user going by the name Rimbaud to the almost 50 other members of the secret network, lamenting that the recent terror attack on a synagogue in Pittsburgh could’ve been more effective. 

...It counts alleged members of Atomwaffen Division—a violent neo-Nazi terror group linked to several hate crimes, an attempted bombing and a racially motivated killing—and the Eco-Fascist Order (EFO)—a newly minted far-right organization on the radars of terrorism trackers—as part of its growing coalition.

...On the surface, The Base's online presence is not dissimilar to those of other white supremacist groups or jihadist terror groups like ISIS: it has a sign-up website and an active Twitter account (now shut down) promoting lone wolf tactics and military tradecraft. 

...“Unlike the memes of the so-called ‘alt-right,’ propaganda like [The Base promotes] does not depend on popularity to be considered successful; to be successful, this kind of propaganda only need to find its way to single hosts, or carriers, or bring together a small cell of individuals,” said Beirich. 

...“Wouldn't use those in a traditional method since they are most likely unstable and instead use them in the way the Vietnamese did as IEDs and grenades using a newly constructed method of ignition via another small amount of explosive, but that is all I'll go into that due to obvious reasons,” said one user.

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