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The Utoya Massacre and the Islamophobia Networks

Islamophobia defined as Islam hatred.


10 years ago today, Anders Breivik went on a bombing & shooting spree in Norway, killing 77 people.

He planted a bomb in an Oslo govt building killing 8, & then shot & killed 69 ppl, mainly teenagers at a youth camp on Norway's Utoya Island.


Ten years after the bloodiest attack in Norway's post-war history, survivors of the Utoya massacre say the country needs to finally face up to the far-right ideology behind the massacre.

"We've not managed to have a debate about how young white men, growing up like one of us in Norway, going to the same schools and living in the same neighbourhoods, can develop such extreme views that they feel they can kill for them," survivor Astrid Eide Hoem told AFP.

Ten years on, Utoya massacre survivors seek to confront demons 2021-07-20


Astrid Hoem was 16 when it happened. Today she is 26 and leader of the Labour youth party. "Knowing that there are people who want to kill us for what we believe in, I think I'll have to live with that forever,” she told me in this itw for.


”We need these discussions [about right-wing extremism], and we need more people to participate” in ”about how hatred and conspiracy theories continue to grow. About how in the course of ten years we have had two far-right terrorist attacks.” Survivor of the Utoya massacre: ”Am I living well enough now?” AUF-leader ten years after July 22, 2011

Ingri Bergo @ingribergo 2021-07-21, @vgnett


”We have discussed … Breivik's mental health… But there was no discussion of the political ideology behind it,” she stressed; and that it was a murderous attack from the far right on the left — and to ask for vigilance in face of the dangers of right-wing populism"
In many ways, the hate we see online and the threats against people in the Labour movement have increased.
One in three Utøya survivors say that they have experienced hate speech or direct threats since the 2011 attacks.

A decade on from Breivik's killing rampage, Norway still needs to address its far-right problem | Euronews


Ten years ago today, Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 students and teachers in Norway.
He was radicalized by an array of Muslim hating far-right ideologies and individuals, including:

Serb nationalism
Tommy Robinson

2021-07-22 @cjwerleman

10 years ago today a fascist named Anders Breivik (now Fjotolf Hansen) murdered 77 people, incl 33 minors, in what he described as fighting "cultural Marxism".

Today, the term is used willy nilly by people on the right side of the political spectrum - from politicians to pundits.

The fact that our political representatives and mainstream media have not only allowed for this type of language to penetrate our daily discourse/be normalised, but also for it to be seen as the response to civil rights movements (eg BLM) is one of the great atrocities of our times.

Language matters because its use is inevitably interlinked with public policy and social attitudes.

The use of "cultural Marxism" as a derogative would be (wrong but) inconsequential if in the last decade governments like the UK one hadn't increasingly passed laws that ostracise and/or criminalise the communities represented by those branded as "cultural Marxists".


Same thing happens on the left as well. People throw around the term far-right or facist to describe anything to the right of centre. Politics and the rhetoric around it is so unbelievably tribal these days.

Nick Robertson @MRT_543


The obsession with Muslim populations in the West, the constant scrutiny on Muslim civil society, the legislation to undercut the rights of Muslim women, the claims about "parallel" communities & "no-go" zones...


The media headlines of "invasion" & "hordes" describing refugees fleeing war zones, the constant crap tying Muslims to terrorism, the belief that Islamophobia isn't real, the claim that Muslim are disloyal & want to impose "their way of life"…

All of this is mainstream & it's also the ecosystem from which Breivik & Tarrant arose from.

It's this ecosystem that feeds anti-Muslim bigotry, that dehumanizes Muslims, & sometimes results in horrific acts of violence.

2021-07-22 @mobbiemobes


Framing Muslims as the "other" has been a prevalent theme in western discourse for centuries. From the crusades to colonialism, the western lens has depicted and constructed Muslims as everything the "West" is not, and in the process has cast them as violent, uncivilized, and foreign.  

The rhetoric from the White House following the deadly attacks on 11 September 2001 elevated these tropes, as the most powerful country in the world instrumentalised the idea of the Muslim "other" to justify endless wars.

The language of defining Muslims as "extremists" with an ideological predisposition to terrorism, is used by the leaders of the 2 most populous countries in the world: India and China. The dangers of this cannot be underscored enough.

The United States and its western counterparts will have to do some serious self-reflection[1]:
(For) the West (to) face up to the fact that it provided the ammunition[2] - in the form of words and narratives - to leaders around the world who use it to justify state violence against Muslims worldwide.
How 9/11 spawned an anti-Muslim playbook being weaponised in India and China Mobashra Tazamal, 2021-03-05


06_Uighur-woman-protestsA Uighur woman protests in front of policemen at a street on July 7, 2009 in Urumqi, the capital of Xinjiang Uighur autonomous region, China. Guang Niu/Getty Images

[1] China commits a disgusting self-own while defending its crackdown on Muslims.
2018-12-04 Alex Lockie

Uighur men make their way past a subway entrance after marking the end of Ramadan at the Id Kah mosque in Kashgar, in China's western Xinjiang region early on June 5. GREG BAKER/ AFP/GETTY IMAGES

[2] U.S. Terrorism Policy Paved the Way for China's Repression U.S.
Favored policies in Central Asia must be rolled back to help save the Uighur people.
U.S. Terrorism Policy Paved the Way for China's Repression 2021-09-24 Bradley Jardine


Some of Those Responsible for Islamhatred

08_Responsible-f-Islamhatred1Some of Those Responsible for Islamhatred


An online platform that serves as hub for far-right ideologues, Breivik cited a number of Gatestone's writers, incl. Fjordman, a Norwegian blogger.

Many of the writers on Gatestone warn of an impending "Islamization” of Europe. Mobashra @mobbiemobes

Gatestone has published a steady stream of content aimed at stoking fears of a Muslim takeover of Europe and America. The articles warn that increasing Muslim migration to Europe will lead to the "Islamization” of the continent. Gatestone's pieces have been cited by far-right politicians to justify their anti-Muslim policies.
10 May 2018


05 Dec 2018
A notorious anti-Muslim voice, Geller became famous because she led the protests against the so-called "Ground Zero mosque."
When the news of the Utoya massacre first broke, Geller falsely claimed the shooter was Muslim.

One of the most prominent anti-Muslim and anti-Islam activists and bloggers in the U.S., Pamela Geller was a leading opponent of the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque” in 2010. Geller is well conencted with anti-Muslim individuals and organizations in the U.S. and around the world, and her views were cited as a source of inspiration for the 2011 mass shooting and bombings in Norway.


Middle East Forum (MEF)

The Middle East Forum is a right-wing anti-Islam think tank that spreads misinformation, creates "watchlists” targeting academics, and advocates hawkish foreign policy. MEF provides funding to numerous anti-Muslim organizations and has provided legal services to a number of anti-Muslim activists including Geert Wilders and Tommy Robinson.

The Middle East Forum (MEF) is a non-profit organization led by Daniel Pipes, that "promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects Western values from Middle Eastern threats.

Page with a lot of info: factsheet-middle-east-forum


Daniel Pipes and his org, the MEF

14 Aug 2018
Daniel Pipes is an academic and founder of the right-wing think-tank, Middle East Forum. Pipes supports racial profiling and the surveillance of Muslim communities and believes Muslims in the United States seek to infiltrate and overthrow the country. He has spent decades promoting anti-Muslim tropes and has financed numerous activists and organizations that spread misinformation about Muslims and Islam.



29 Jul 2017
Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy.
Like his colleagues at other anti-Muslim groups, Center for Security Policy head Frank Gaffney sees Islam as a national security threat and has advanced falsified claims about sharia, Muslim "infiltration,” and "civilization jihad.” Many of his views have been adopted by Republican politicians, as well as President Trump and his administration (he served as an advisor to the Trump transition team), including the director of the CIA.

6. Governments' Responsibility

The reality is, as we show in our report, government-sponsored structural discrimination creates the conditions for a bureaucratic culture of Islamophobia to fester in the everyday, ordinary activities of government officials. …

If governments want to combat Islamophobia, they will need to take a hard look in the mirror Anver Emon and Nadia Hasan, 2021-07-20

7. China - Xinjiang - The Uyghur People

1/We were given extraordinary access to the largest detention center in Xinjiang - a behemoth that holds 10,000++. Officials said it's a pre-trial detention center that has nothing to do with the "training centers", which they insist are closed. BUT - we looked into it, and...


Inside China's largest detention center in Xinjiang, tagged and numbered Uyghurs watch state TV, surrounded by 25-foot walls, guard towers, and electric wire. It suggests China holds, and plans to hold, vast numbers of Uyghurs for years to come.

Room for 10,000: Inside China's largest detention center
2021-07-22 Dake Kang @dakekang

8. Europe - Example of Austria


How Austria is dismantling civil liberties under the guise of 'anti-terrorism'.

A drive to combat 'political Islam' has led to severe curbs on freedoms of religion, expression and association.

How Austria is dismantling civil liberties under the guise of 'anti-terrorism' | Middle East Eye

2021-07-22 Farid Hafez @ferithafez

Mobashra @mobbiemobes

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