India’s War In Kashmir, The Tactics Of Terror


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India’s War In Kashmir, The Tactics Of Terror by The Whistleblower @WBYouLove

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India’s War In Kashmir, The Tactics Of Terror

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In this thread we will go through the different terror tactics which India is using to subjugate, suppress, silence the Musalman of Kashmir and strengthen its control over the territory.



Like every other occupier, India first used bullets to directly kill people. Since its invasion of Kashmir in 1947 until today, these bullet rains have not stopped. Just like clouds bring rain under the regions where they fly, Kashmiris keep receiving bullet rains



from the clouds of Indian military, which are spread over the entire land of Kashmir.

Another tactic is, arrests, mass arrests which eventually lead to imprisonment and torture.

But the tortures are brutal

✅ Stripping naked
✅ Hanging upside down



✅ Made to sit on a burning stove
✅ Ironing your body
✅ Penetration of hot iron rods in your body
✅ Giving electric shocks to your genitals
✅ Making you impotent
✅ Moving rollers on your body
✅ Pumping petrol in your anus



✅ Beating with sticks, rods, leather strips until you bleed & faint.
✅ Break your bones & teeth
✅ Bite you by specially trained jail men & dogs
✅ Cover your body with a bag & put mices, moles, bees etc in it
✅ Make you drink muddy & chilly waters until you fall unconscious

image image

✅ Hang stones & weights to your balls
✅ Pluck your whole nails
✅ Keep you awake for as long as you fell unconscious
✅ Force you to drink urine
✅ Force you to eat pork
✅ Force you to drink alcohol
✅ Force you to suck **ck
✅ Force you to abuse God
✅ Force you to abuse Prophet



✅ Force you to abuse Islam
✅ Force you to abuse Pakistan
✅ Force you to disrespect Pakistan flag
✅ Force you to chant Jai Shri Ram
✅ Force you to chant Wande maatram
✅ Force you to praise India
✅ Force you to praise Indian army
✅ Force you to have sex with your jail mates


Video of Kashimir men in police van mistreaded and still singing Pakistan! Pakistan!

✅ Face sexual abuse, sodomy from jail authorities
✅ Forced sex with female jail authorities (this torture is inflicted on men who are righteous Muslims)

🔴 Collective punishment:

Indian army crackdown & search operation on entire village & city. People are made to come



out of their homes & assembled in a ground or market squares. They are made to sit there whole day without food. Some are stripper naked in front of whole crowd.
Behind this, Indian army goes to every house, loots house hold stuff including cash, gold & whatever comes



their way. Hundreds of cases of harassing women have also been narrated.

🔴 Destruction of houses, with mortars, gunpowder, bulldozers, IED blasts. This strips people of their only shelter which takes life to build. It not only erases property but also memories.



🔴 Setting houses & markets on fire on a mass scale to cause loss to billions in economy & cause sudden economic deprivation. This is also a collective punishment to keep people engaged in rebuilding of economy so that no one thinks of resistance.

image image
🔴 Forcible celebration of India’s Independence Day & republic day. Schools & village/city elders are asked to send people for celebration of the above events otherwise face consequences. These celebrations are then televised. This is a part of forcible integration at



a social level to show the Indian public that Kashmiri Muslims are Indians. This is also to sell the Indian army’s success stories in Kashmir that they have won hearts & minds of Kashmiris.

🔴 Forcing people to hoist Indian flag on their houses, shops, cars.



🔴 Forcing people to pay tribute to Indian army soldiers killed in gunfights with freedom fighters.

🔴 Deprivation & forced burial of dead bodies of freedom fighters.

🔴 Night raids by Indian occupational forces, searching of houses to terrorise the family & neighbourhood.



🔴 Sending men as night ghosts to terrorise people, throwing stones at houses, screaming outside houses, knocking at windows, these characters are called (Bhoot) in Kashmir.

🔴 Spontaneous braid chopping of women by similar bhoot type characters.

This type of mental



torture is only found in Kashmir.

🔴 Cutting down Apple orchards, to deprive people of their economic resources. It takes life to grow a apple orchard.

🔴 Surveillance and spying:
Penetration of thousands of paid agents in the society for surveillance. These spies

image image
are everywhere. Markets, Masjids, playgrounds, public offices, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals. This creates a consistent fear in masses that they are being watched.
Apart from this CCTV cameras have been installed everywhere, again to keep people in fear even



during prayers, personal conversations, in classrooms, in university campuses, in restaurants, on trees, on traffic light signals.

If anyone has a personal CCTV installed on his shop or house, he is asked to save the footage in a hardware and police may need it anytime.



🔴 Random checks of your mobile phone & PCs, this gives them access to your private stuff. You can’t keep your bedroom picture in your phone, you are in a fear to get it exposed & if the state gets its hands on it, they blackmail & force you to become a collaborator.



🔴 When the Indian army convoy is moving on the road, civilian traffic is stopped & made to wait until the convoy passes. Even ambulances are not allowed to move. Anyone who dares to break this military rule will be shot dead by declaring a terrorist.



Video of ambulans-and-ev-one-waiting for Indian army to pass the other direction!

🔴 Random checks of public transport is carried out, passengers are asked to get down of the vehicle and surveilled. Veiled women are asked to remove the veil & show their faces. Many women are reluctant to show their faces but then you will face consequences.



🔴 Forced labour is a tactic where men are taken to army camps for work. Some are taken to forests or difficult terrains. Forced to work in harsh conditions. Many have died during forced labour. Recently a man died when army forced him to install a CCTV on electric pole.

image4b image-oS
🔴 Silencing K diaspora by threatening, harassment, imprisonment of their family members, relatives & even friends at home. They leave no chance for a diaspora member to be active. There is always a weak point to silence them. Some have been extradited from ME countries.

imageBFG imageAxB image97j imageNFZ
🔴 The lowest punishment is continuous harassment, summons to army camps & police stations & black listing you for a job. You are made to beg, your property is investigated & you are framed. You are asked to shut up and behave like a slave.

And many in Kashmir are living



this life of humiliation & misery. There are more terror tactics to silence & terrorise people to crush the resistance. But this thread has reached its limit.

The world is blind towards the sufferings of Kashmiris. Instead the #G20 countries want to have a party here.


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Source: The Whistleblower @WBYouLove; May 21, 2023

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