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Lessons From the Bosnian Muslim Genocide

Sam, @SamKhan999 ; 2021-06-22

Bosnian Muslim genocide case study for Indian Sarkari Muslim


Bosnian Muslim genocide is a case study for a lot of Indian Sarkari Muslim. Bosnian Muslims before 1990 had completely assimilated into Yugoslav Fabric. Hardly anyone went to mosque no women wore Hijab. But when war started the Serbs didn't spare them & sought revenge of Ottomans.

□ comment: + Also German Jews - became very assimilated, fought in German army WWI, many even converted, intermarriages → didn't help!

Bosnian Muslim women who had never really worn hijab or had affiliation of Islam were mass raped in concentration camps. Muslim men who had never spoken a word of Arabic & had no clue of Islamic conquest or Ottoman history were starved to death in concentration camps by neighbors.

The European countries did not intervene even as Serbs raped and killed Muslims for over a long period of time. In fact there was an arms embargo on Bosnia. Only Muslim countries supplied & smuggled clandestine weapons & it allowed Muslims to fight back the Genocide perpetrators.

The Bosnian Muslims had intermarried into other communities like Croats & Serbs and had minimal affiliation with the Muslim world. But when the war started the same neighbors & European nations turned against Muslims & no one came to their rescue. Only the Muslim felt their pain.

The Bosnian war only ended after the Srebrenica massacre took place where over 7000 Muslims were butchered by the Serbs. It was President Clinton who finally acted & ordered air strikes on Serbia to stop Bosnian genocide spill into Kosovo. But the Europeans remained indifferent.

Thousands of Bosnian refugees were all over the world. And hundreds of Bosnian Muslim refugees had even sought refuge in Pakistan. Most of them returned to Bosnia after the war ended. Many settled in other countries and are now a strong global voice as the Bosnian Muslim Diaspora.

The word used is Bosnian war but it was not a war it was a Genocide. Muslims were completely unprepared they had no weapons s, planes or tanks and were facing a regular army of Serbia which was well trained & armed. More than 100000 Bosnian Muslims were killed and women raped.

The Bosnian war ended in 1995 after military intervention by Clinton. Had there been no outside military intervention the Serbs would've wiped out entire Muslim Bosnia & Kosovo. The Serbian majority did not end war or Govt nor had any remorse for the slaughter of Bosnian Muslims.

Serbia only stopped the Bosnian Genocide because of external intervention. The military suffered badly due to air strikes by USA. Economic sanctions were imposed by the world & that started hurting the Serbian majority & that led to the peace & not because of any change of heart.

The Bosnia Serbs leaders who were indicted for war crimes were finally arrested and send to Hague tribunal where many were sentenced and are still i prison but it happened only cause of economic sanctions hurt the Serbian majority & the Govt & they had to comply for the justice.

Despite some leaders being punished and sentenced for war crimes the Serbian majority did not suffer much for what they did to their Muslim neighbors & friends. Large parts of Bosnia territory and heritage still is under the Serbs Republic which committed the Genocide of Muslims.

After the Bosnian peace accord. An entire generations of Bosnian Muslims suffered trauma. Mass graves are still being found & lot of people never found their loved ones. But Bosnian Muslims learnt the lesson & are now more religious & closer to the Islamic world than ever before.

Bottomline is that hatred under fascism does not ever end without external intervention and economic punishment to the perpetrators. And no matter how much you appease the majority when the time comes it's you are on own & only your own kind will feel your pain & stand by you.

+ Re: Global muslim support is immense whenever Muslims face persecution.

Absolutely & hence Muslims should be wary of those who throw Ummah & diaspora under the bus & say our security lies in being good citizens. All that is good in peacetime's but it gets shred into pieces when things turn bad & neighbors turn into killers. We should know better!

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