Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Praying Zuhr Salah After Jumu`ah

I have noticed Shafi'is in the west pray salat al-duhr after the jumuah salat. Why exactly is this? I looked at the Relience of the Traveller but did not see any relating to this.

What is the Hanbali opinion concerning this?

This is nothing confined to the West: it's something you find some people doing here in Damascus as well. The Shafi`is have strict rules regarding praying more than one Jumu`ah prayer in a given area. Unless there is a justifiable reason for having more than one Jumu`ah, everyone who did not pray in whichever Jumu`ah complete first will need to make up their prayer. One of the reasons justifying more than one Jumu`ah is when one mosque is not capable of containing everyone, in which case it is permissible to have as many Jumu`ah are necessary to encompass the numbers. But what do we use for determining the number of people the mosques need to accommodate? One opinion--and it is not the strongest--is that it should be determined by the number of all men and women, whether or not they attend.

The Hanbali's also have conditions regarding multiple Jumu`ah, but there is much much more leeway in what constitutes valid excuses for having more than one. With the Hanbalis the number of people praying and distance between mosques are factors. So is community solidarity: if having two means that there will be less commotion and upset, then two are fine.

Both schools have evidence and convincing arguments for their positions. What I have presented here is quite general.

wa al-salamu `alaykum