Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Tahraha: Hadath

Q 1
Under the causes of hadath, it is stated that losing consciousness
causes hadath, except for a "slight amount". How long is this "slight

The actual definition of "slight" goes back to general customer (`urf). There is no absolute definition for it.

And Allah knows best.

Is the list of acts haram to undertake during hadath full, or are there
more acts to it? Also, can you please give me some more information with
regards to the adab of touching the Qur'an (i.e. am I allowed to touch a
binding which holds the Qur'an, or carry a bag with the Qur'an in it, etc.)

I cannot think of anything that was not included in the list of things unlawful to do while in the state of minor or major ritual impurity.

As for touching the Qur'an: it is unlawful to directly touch the cover and the margins with the body, but it is not until to carry it by its strap, in its bag, or holding it in one's sleeve as long as there is no direct contact. It is not unlawful to turn the pages using a stick or when covering the hand with ones sleeve, or for a youth to carry a board on which the Qur'an is written. It is not unlawful to touch books of tafsir or the like. It is unlawful to touch the Qur'an with a part of the body that is filthy and to take it to Dar Al-Harb. It is also unlawful to use any book containing Qur'an as a pillow--except to protect it from being stolen. It is unlawful to write Qur'an in such a way that it is debased. It is offensive to stretch out one's legs towards the Qur'an or to turn one's back to it. It is offensive to write or color the Qur'an using gold or silver, and it is unlawful to use them for other books of knowledge. (See Al-Raud Al-Murbi`)

Regarding general manners towards the Qur'an, Imam Al-Nawawi's Al-Tibyan Fi Adab Hamlat Al-Qur'an will soon be available in English--in sha Allah--and it gives the most exhaustive coverage of the topic.

And Allah knows best.

wa al-salamu `alaykum