Dear Fellow Students and Lovers of Hanbali Fiqh, 
   Assalaamualaykum wa rahamtullah.  Here are some 
books from Al-Baz publications.  They have not been 
published yet.  The second book mentioned is Mukhtasar 
fi-Ilm al Din by Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani 
al-Hanbali.  Please read.  How does this book sound in 
relation to Hanbali fiqh. 
                  Books Scheduled For Publication In 
2002 Include:  
                                The Path of the 
Worshipful Servants to the Garden of the Lord of All 
                                the Worlds 
                                (Minhaj al-'Abidin ila 
Jannati Rabbi 'l-Alamin) 
                                by Imam Hujjat 
al-Islam Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali. 
                                The Imam tells us how 
he implored Allah "to make it possible for me to 
                                compose a book-one 
that would meet with unanimous approval, and the 
                                reading of which would 
result in positive benefit-and He inspired me with a 
                                marvelous arrangement, 
the like of which I did not recall in any of the 
                                previous compositions 
dealing with the secrets of religious practices." He 
                                said, "Worshipful 
service is the fruit of knowledge, the benefit of 
life, the 
                                income of strong 
servants, the stock-in-trade of the saints [awliya'], 
the path 
                                of the truly devout, 
the allotted portion of the mighty, the goal of those 
                                endowed with 
aspiration, the emblem of the noble, the vocation of 
real men, 
                                and the choice of 
those with faculties of vision. It is the way of good 
                                and the path [minhaj] 
of the Garden of Paradise."  
                                The Summary of 
Religious Knowledge 
                                (Mukhtasar fi 'ilm 
                                by Shaikh 'Abd 
al-Qadir al-Jilani. 
                                This rare manuscript 
was obtained from the collection of manuscripts of the 
                                Vatican Library. So 
far as is known, it is the only copy of this work 
                                in existence. The 
introduction reads as follows: Shaikh 'Abd al-Qadir 
                                (may Allah, the 
Independent Sovereign, ennoble him) wrote this Summary 
                                Religious Knowledge 
[Mukhtasar fi 'Ilm ad-Din] for the benefit of 
                                servants ['abidin] and 
followers of the spiritual path [salikin]. He designed 
                                to include two 
aspects, so that anyone who put it into practise would 
                                equipped with a pair 
of wings. Allah is the Guide to the path of 
                                and to Him is the 
return and the journey home. Section 1: The science of 
                                Sacred Law [Shari'a] 
deals with general principles and specific details 
                                concerning religious 
duty, under seven chapter headings. Section 2: The 
                                second section is 
concerned with knowledge of the Spiritual Path 
                                which is like a 
sheltered kernel, while the Sacred Law [Shari'a] is 
like a shell 
                                that keeps it safe and 
sound. That is why 'Ali (may Allah be well pleased 
                                him) once said: "All 
the spiritual paths [Turuq] are closed to people, 
                                from those who follow 
the command of Allah's Messenger (Allah bless him 
                                and give him peace)." 
Translated by Muhtar Holland.  
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