Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

What is Dar Al-Harb (4)

One of the brothers writes:

a s-Salaamu Alaikum,

Indeed, this is a very true post. I have tried so many
times to explain to brothers that no matter what you
do, if the Muslim Ummah desired to and they were
really in a position of full imaan, there is no way
these rulers could have any power over us in any

It has been difficult, for these brothers have called
to constant violence and the like, but it has not
succeeded. We have the re-emergence of the Khawaarij
in Algeria with the murder of children, the situation
in Egypt and so many other countries. If we just took
one example from history, it would suffice.

When the Tatars sacked Baghdaad, for years the `ulama
were calling to repentance and tawba and not jihaad.
It was not until the 4th year that the serious call
for jihaad went out. The same was the case with the
conquering of Jerusalem by the Crusaders, the calling
to repentance was paramount.

Then there was the return of the khilaafa and all of
these things. And this was when Islam was at its'
peak. Now somehow, we think that in the 21st century
jaahiliyyah we have a different recipe that will work
for the Ummah. Allah reward you for the article.


Brother in Islam