Dear Brother Musa, 
   Assalaamualakum wa rahamtullah.  The two shaykhs 
said that if it came from either a Muslim country or a 
country where the people of the Book reside, that is 
would not be necessary to investigate.  However, would 
it not be very fair to assume that most of the leather 
would come from slaughtered animals but some of the 
leather would come from unslaughtered animals.  For 
instance, if a cow dies of natural causes, most likely 
they would definitely use the skin to tan(all Shafi'i 
and Hanafi Muslims and all ahlal-Kitab) and discard 
the carcass?  I assume that the two shaykhs you 
discussed this with have also taken this into 
consideration.  Is this correct?  Wassalaam. 
Isa Martin 
--- musa furber <musaf@r...> wrote: 
<div align="center"><i>Bismillahi Al-Rahmani 
</i><font size=6 color="#0000FF">Leather<br><br> 
If a slaughtered animal's meat is lawful to eat, then 
tanning its leather 
will make it pure. This holds true whether a Muslim 
slaughtered the 
animal according to Islamic law, or it someone 
from&nbsp; the People of 
the Book doing it according to their law.<br><br> 
If an animal is not slaughtered or its meat is 
unlawful to eat, then 
tanning will not make its leather pure. This leather, 
however, can be 
used with things that are dry and solid but not with 
wets and 
I asked two sheikhs about the problem of leather goods 
in the West. Both 
said that if the leather originates from a country 
whose population is 
considered Muslim or People of the Book, then it is 
considered ritually 
pure. Both sheikhs said that the consumer is not 
burdened with doing 
anything other than looking at the label. Neither 
sheikh saw any problem 
in using wearing leather shoes made of questionable 
leather since they 
would be removed for prayer.<br><br> 
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