Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Praying With Tayammum: Making Up Or Not

Please clarify the issue of repeating the prayer due to tayammum, I don't understand it. How can one have to make up a prayer after making tayammum while capable of making wudhu', but then it is not necessary to make up the prayer if he performed tayammum with the intention of several ritual impurities?

al-salamu `alaykum

The text from the lessons reads:

(b9.6) (About Repeating the prayer)

If he forgets that he is capable of it (b: or his ignorance of a place where it is possible to use water) and he makes tayammum (b: and prayed), he repeats the prayer. (m: As for someone who has lost his bags or where the water is, he does not repeat the prayer.)
I t's easiest to provide a modern example:
You're on a road trip through Death Valley. The time for `Asr is about to go out, and there is no time to go looking for water. So you stop your air conditioned car on the side of the road and make tayammum from the dust on your car, and you begin to pray as the sun slowly approaches the horizon in what, in sha Allah, will be a beautiful sunset. After praying Zuhr and `Asr together and appreciating the beauty of what Allah has created, you remember that in your trunk you have a bottle of water. Since you were capable of making wudu when you made tayammum, you get up to make wudu and repeat the prayers.
O r:
You're on a short hike. Being a well planning Muslim, you brought along a bottle of water to make wudu with. While resting you realize that it's time to pray. You start looking for your water and you simply cannot find it. So you make tayammum and pray, making shukr that Allah is merciful on not requiring you to make this prayer up.

A nd Allah knows best.

wa al-salamu `alaykum