Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Sheikhs Bin Bazz ... (may Allah be merciful with him) (3)

al-salamu `alaykum

And another brother adds:

a s-Salamu alaykum wa Rahmatullah

Shaikh Ibn Baz - Rahimahullah said: My madhab in fiqh is the Madhab of Ahmad ibn Hanbal - Rahimahullah, not by way of taqlid but instead by following the juristic principles (usul) upon which he traversed. As for issues of differences, my methodology is to give preference to whatever the proof necessitates and then give verdicts accordingly, Whether this agrees with the madhhab or disagrees with it. [majmua' fatawa wa maqalat al mutanawia', vol 4 p166].

To know a little more about his position towards the madhahib then plese refer to the article: "The Decision of the Committee of Leading Scholars Concerning Juridical Differences Between the Schools (Madhahib) and the Intolerant Following of These Schools by Some Adherents". This is contained within the Zaytuna Institute paper: "Fatwa Concerning the Obligation of Following Rightly Guided Scholars".

was-Salamu alaykum