Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Raising The Hands Between Prostrations (4)

al-salamu `alaykum

Another message from GF Haddad concerning the hadiths of raising the hands between prostrations.

wa al-salamu `alaykum

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Wa `alaykum as-Salam wa rahmatullah:


>I have a book entitled Athar al-Sunan by
>Sh. Muhammad ibn Ali al-Nimawi. He was the
>student of Abd al-Hayy al-Lucknowi. It is
>a collection of Ahadith al-Ahkam.

It is a collection specifically used for the
Hanafi Madhhab which is strictly against any
form of raf` other than at Takbirat al-Ihram
and Takbirat al-Qunut in Witr.

>In it, there is a section on this very issue.
>He narrates 6 hadith on this issue establishing
>the practice as valid.

He certainly does not establish the practice as
valid. The reason he cites these hadiths is as
a rhetorical device against the Shafi`is, in reply
to their question: Why do you Hanafis not raise
the hands before and after ruku` since the hadiths
to that effect are sahih? So the author of Athar
al-Sunan would have the Hanafis reply: For the
same reason you Shafi`is do not raise them between
the two sajdas, even though the hadiths to that
effect are also sahih! This was stated thus by
al-Tahanawi in I`la' al-Sunan also, an expanded
Hanafi Sharh on Ahadith al-Ahkam.

Such a reasoning is false on two levels. First,
the analogy is invalid. Second, the hadiths of
raf` before and after ruku` are mutawatir while
the hadiths of raf` between the two sajdas are

>All of the hadith are sahih or hasan.

No. As strong as their chains may seem - and
this is the function of `ilm al-mu`allal -
there is no sahih nor hasan marfu` hadith
mentioning raf` between the two prostrations
according to the "Jumhur `Ulama' al-Salaf wal-
Khalaf" as stated in Tarh al-Tathrib (2:262).

On the contrary, there are marfu` hadiths in the
Sahihayn explicitly stating "But not between the
two prostrations." (Ibn al-`Iraqi explained that
the addition of this detail to the already
established fact that raf` is only in three
places - Ihram; before ruku`; after ruku` -
is for us to know that there is actually a
place of raf` besides those three places,
namely: after rising for the third rak`a.)

>Nimawi then comments that there is not proof for
>anyone who says that these are abrogated,

There are other reasons for tad`if besides abrogation.
Al-Tahawi said this is a shaadhdh riwaya and al-
Daraqutni said these riwayas are all mu`allal
according to the Jumhur.

>except if one is on the position that one should
>only raise the hands in the opening takbir of the prayer.

I.e. the Shafi`is are wrong unless they become
Hanafis on this issue.... No, this is strange
reasoning. Raf` is mutawatir in the three places
and mu`allal between the two sajdas, period.

WAllahu `alam.

Hajj Gibril