Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

And `Iddah Question

Can you explain to me what the judgement is for the woman whose husband has divorced her, but she has no menstrual period nor is she in menopause.  I would like to know specifically the length of time of her ^iddah?  Is it 3 consecutive months?

If you have any information please list your source.  I have been told that her ^iddah is not over til she reaches the age of 64.  Is this true?  I would like to know the judgement from each of the four major madhabs, Insha'Allah.

Thank you.

al-salamu `alaykum

Speaking only for the Hanbali madhhab:

The `iddah [waiting period] for a woman who does not menstruate because of
        (1) being too young,
        (2) never menstruating since reaching puberty
        (3) menopause and being over fifty years of age
is to wait three lunar months.

If her menstruation ceases, has not yet reached the age of fifty, and does not know the cause for the cessation she waits nine complete lunar months and then follows the `iddah listed above. If the cause of cessation is known (such as sickness, breast feeding, recently giving birth, and the like), then she must either wait until (1) her menstruation resumes and make her `iddah according to it, or (2) she reaches the age of menopause (fifty lunar years of age) and make her `iddah according to menopause.

The source for this is Nail al-ma'arib bi sharh dalil al-talib, Sheikh `Abd al-Qadir al-Taghlabi's commentary on Mar`i bin Yusuf's Dalil al-talib. This is a standard reference work for fatwa in the late Hanbali madhhab. See 2.273-74.

Enclosed in a general lesson on `iddah that may be useful.

And Allah knows best.

At your service, wa al-salamu `alaykum