Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Filth & Large Amounts Revisited

Isa Martin wrote:
So it really depends on personal feeling.  So for someone like you who I assume does not normally cut himself, how much blood would be considered "large" for you.  This may give me an idea of what I would consider large.  "Large" for me seems like something that I could contain with a small napkin or tissue but would bleed through the napkin and take some time to stop.  What is your personal feeling of "large"?

On one of end of the spectrum: scratches and shallow cuts bleed little staunch pretty quickly, and I think almost all of us would consider that "small".
And on the other end: slicing your feet from walking on broken glass is likely to be deep and long and take a while to staunch, and I think almost all of us would consider that "large".

But then again, Americans may be an extreme case: the news is always bloodless and we never see animals getting slaughtered.

Not much of an answer, but this is something I'd prefer not to test empirically.