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Muqim vs. Mustautin (2)

assalamu alaikum

jazakumullah khayra for your efforts!

You wrote

The Shari`a differentiates between travelers and residents, and differentiates between two categories of residents. Roughly speaking:
Traveler [musafir] - Someone on a journey who has gone more than 81 km from their place of residency.
Resident [muqim] - Someone staying in a place for more than four days, or staying in a place where he has a spouse or household.
Permanent resident (“settledâ€) [mustautin] - Like (2) with the addition that the person never plans to leave.

My question is this:  Just to clear up the ambiguity, would it not be better to say that the musafir is the person who has intended to go on a journey of 81km?  Because the person can begin shortening after he has left the city limits but before he has reached 81km.

Also the resident is the one who intends to stay in a place for more than four days. Again, isn't the intention necessary to mention here? Otherwise, it leaves open the possibility of someone who intends to stay for more than four days but claims that he is not a resident for the first four days (and subsequently shortens his prayer) and only begins praying in full after the completion of the four days.



wa `alaykum al-salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

May Allah reward you for these corrections. Yes: embarking on a journey greater than 81km (not having traveled the distance) and intending to stay (not completing four days) determine the starting point for these rulings.

Wa al-salamu `alaykum,