Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Jami` al-Hanabila - Damascus

al-salamu `alaykum

The following are a few pictures taken at Jami` al-Hanabila, a mosque built by Ibn Qudama and the other Maqadisa when they migrated to Damascus. The mosque itself is located a third of the way up Jabl Qasyoun. Ibn Qudama and Ibn Malik the grammarian are buried a few hundred meters walk up from the mosque.

The picture quality has been reduced without any discernable difference in quality.

The close-up of the block with lines and numbers is a picture of sundial used for determining prayer times. When they renovated the mosque, they forgot to include the sundial's pole, hence no shadow.

My apologies for not labeling things better. Between GeoCities' frustrating and semi-arbitrary file name constraints, and then Eudora's [attempt at] inline image handling, file attachments are the way to go. The filenames of the attachments, in sha Allah, give some hints on the what, where, and directed faced in each picture.

If someone wishes to mirror these pictures, send me the URLs and I will send descriptions for each one.

wa al-salamu `alaykum

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1381d9c.jpg courtyard_facing_SWW_side_of_rear_wall_of_mosque_ornate_window_work.jpg

1381dba.jpg couryard_facing_N_antiqibla_with_sundiall.jpg

1381dc4.jpg exit_W.jpg

1381dce.jpg exit_W_inscription_above_door.jpg

1381dd8.jpg inside_facing_N_anti-qibla_.jpg

1381dec.jpg inside_facing_N_qibla.jpg

1381df6.jpg inside_facing_NWW_entrance.jpg

1381e00.jpg inside_from_the_E_wall_facing_W.jpg

1381e0a.jpg inside_from_the_E-qibla_wall facing_NWW.jpg

1381e14.jpg inside_from_W-Qibla_wall_facing_NEE.jpg

1381e1e.jpg minaret.jpg

1381e28.jpg yahoohatesme1.jpg

1381e32.jpg courtyard_close-up_of_sundial_stick_for_shadow_ missing.jpg

1381e3c.jpg courtyard_facing_NE.jpg

1381e46.jpg courtyard_facing_S_qibla.jpg

1381e64.jpg courtyard_facing_SE.jpg