To fellow lovers of Hanbali Fiqh, 
   Assalaamaualaykum wa rahamtullah.  I was just 
wondering about the ruling on leather in the Hanbali 
madhab.  I understand that it can only be from a 
properly slaughtered animal.  It would seem that 
almost all of the modern day leather products in the 
world would be from an animal whose method of 
slaughter is unknown. Would this prevent us from 
wearing and using leather shoes, jackets, couches, 
belts, watch straps, etc.  Even if someone says that 
we could use leather products, we should keep in mind 
that Shafi'is and Hanafis allowed tanned leather from 
a dead unslaugthered animal.  In addition, one opinion 
of the Malikis also allow this.  These are three main 
schools of Islamic law and the Hanbalis are actually a 
very small minority.  What have the modern day Hanbali 
ulema said about this matter? 
Isa Martin 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
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