Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Questions For Lesson 00

Asslaamaualykum wa rahamtullah. Here are some questions related to the first lesson.

1. Can you please tell us a little about Ali al-Hijawi ( May Allah have mercy on him)such as a short biograpy? Since it is his text that we are reading it would be most appropriate to know more about him.

2. Ibn Quddamah (May Allah have mercy on him) formulated opinions in his books. The Mughni doesn't confine itself to the Hanbali school alone. Does Ibn Quddamah ever adopt positions of other madhahib over the positions of the Hanbalis in his Mughni?

3. Who wrote Nail al-Ma'arib?

4. Can you tell us a little about Al-Bahuti such as a short biograpy?

These are my questions for Lesson 00.
Thank you and may Allah reward you.

[Question slightly reformatted]

wa `alaykum al-salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.  In sha Allah I'll answer the biographical questions at the end, and answer the other questions first.

Regarding Ibn Quddamah (may Allah be well pleased with him), he did mention the opinions from virtually all known mathahib of Ahl Al-Sunna as well as the various opinions related from the Imam (may Allah be well pleased with him). From my reading of Al-Mughni, which I admit is limited to a dozen or so issues, Ibn Quddamah always stays within the range of opinions related from the Imam. In many cases, the opinions of the Imam match up to the opinions of the other mathahib, so Ibn Quddamah would have a very easy time agreeing with the other imams without going outside of the Imam's positions. And Allah knows best.

The author of
Dalil Al-Talib          is Mar`i bin Yusef (d 1033 AH).
Nail Al-Ma'arib         is `Abd Al-Qadir bin `Umar Al-Shaybani (1057 - 1135 AH)
Manar Al-Sabil  is Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Duwayyan Al-Najdi (1275 - 1353 AH)
May Allah be pleased with them and all of the scholars of the ummah.

As for some biographies of the scholars of the Al-Muqni` - Zad Al-Mustaqni` - Al-Raud Al-Murbi` series:

Al-Muwaffiq, Ibn Qudamah (541 - 620 AH)
Muwaffiq Al-Din Abu Muhammad `Abd Allah bin Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Qudama Al-Maqdisi Al-Hanbali, a faqih and Sheik Al-Islam. Born in 541 AH during the month of Sha`ban, near Nablus in the vicinity of Quds. During that time, the Crusaders had taken control of Quds so Ibn Qudamah's family emigrated to Damascus, where they originally settled near Bab Al-Sharqi (the eastern gate of the city) and after two years moved to Qasyoun mountain in an area now known as Muhya Din, but originally name Salihiya after the salihin of Bani Qudamah that lived there. During that time Al-Muwaffiq had been memorizing Qur'an, learning basic knowledge from his father, and learning from the mashayikh of Damascus.

He then went to Baghdad where he read Mukhtasr Al-Khiraqi with Sheikh `Abd Al-Qadir Al-Jaylani (Allah be well pleased with him); it was a book he had already memorized in Damascus, and this was an intensive and precise reading. Sheikh `Abd Al-Qadir then passed away, so Al-Muwaffiq took from a few others sheikhs and then returned to Damascus. There he began to teach and author works in various disciplines.

He passed away on `Eid Al-Fitr 620 AH, and was buried above the Jami`a Al-Hanabilah in Salihiya.  May Allah have mercy upon him.

Sharaf Al-Din Al-Hijawi (d 978 AH)
Imam Sharaf Al-Din Abi Al-Munja Musa bin Ahmad bin Musa bin Salim bin `Isa bin Salim Al-Hijawi, originally from Quds and then settled in Salihyah Damascus.

He took fiqh and other disciplines from Imam Shihab Al-Din Ahmad Al-Whuwayki Al-Salihi, Imam Abu Hafs Najm Al-Din `Omar bin Ibrahim bin Muhammad bin Muflih Al-Salihi, Abu Al-Barakat Muhhib Al-Din Ahmad bin Muhammad Al-`Uqayli.

A large number of imams studied under him: his son Yahya Al-Hijawi, Shihab Al-Din Ahmad Al-Wafa'i Al-Muflihi, Ibrahim bin Al-Ahdab Al-Salihi, Abu Nur bin `Uthman bin Muhammad bin Ibrahim, and others.

He was assigned the imam of Al-Jami`a Al-Muthafiri and he taught in various places included Jami`a Al-Ummawi.

He passed away Friday night, the 17th of Rabi` Al-Awwal 978 AH.  May Allah have mercy upon him.

Mansur Al-Buhuti (d 1051 AH)
Imam and Sheikh Al-Islam, Mansur bin Yunis bin Salkah Al-Din bin Idris, well known as "Al-Buhuti", from Egypt.

He was an imam in many disciplines, including fiqh, usul, and tafsir. He took from a number of scholars, including: Yahya bin Sharaf Al-Din Musa Al-Hijawi, `Abd Allah Al-Danwashiri the Shafi`i, Al-Jamal `Abd Al-Qadir Al-Danwashiri the Hanbali, Al-Nur `Ali Al-Halabi, and Al-Shihab Ahmad Al-Warithi.

His many students include: Muhammad Al-Buhuti, Muhammad bin Abi Al-Surur Al-Buhuti, Ibrahim bin Abi Bakr Al-Salihi.

His words include commentaries & hashiyas on both Al-Iqnar, Muntaha Al-Iradat, commentaries on Zad Al-Mustaqni` known now as Al-Raud Al-Murbi`, Al-Mufridat (a commentary on a book detailing positions found only in the Hanbali mathhab).

He taught and gave legal verdicts.

Every Friday night he had a banquet for the Maqdisi. Whenever one of the Maqdisis became sick, he would visit, bring him to his house, and take care of him until he got well. People would bring their charity to him, and he would distribute it among his students and would accept none for himself.

He passed away Friday afternoon on the 10th of Rabi` Al-Thani 1051 AH in Cairo. May Allah have mercy upon him.

[Biographies taken from Maktabat Dar Al-Bayan edition of Al-Raud Al-Murbi`. I have added things from memory. They are not intended to be all inclusive by any means.]

wa al-salamu `alaykum