Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Question For Lesson 03


Dear Musa, I was wondering whether you could please explain the exact method, in terms of necessary and sunnah, of wiping the ears during wudu'?


A quick hands on reply:

Necessary: getting the ears wiped by any means. Since ears are not qualified, it is understood to mean the ears in general: inner and outer. In Arabic, the ear is like a flower spread wide open: the inner part faces us, the outer part faces the other way.

Sunnah: put your index and thumb on either side of the ear lobe with the thumb behind and the index finger is in the ear channel. Now slowly move your thumbs upwards along the base of the ear where it connects to the skull. Try it a few times until your thumb covers the entire area of the outer ear and your index finger covers the entire area of the inner part.

And Allah knows best.

wa al-salamu `alaykum