Uncovering The Head

assalamu alaikum
wa `alaykum al-salam

barakullah feekum for your efforts.
I had a question regarding the statement that Ibn Rajab considered baring the head an innovation. Under Hadith#5 of al-Jami', he (rahimahullah ta'ala) mentions shortly after mentioning the ayah of surah Shura #21, "... and this is like the one who seeks to become close to Allah ta'ala by listening to instruments, by dancing, by uncovering the head in other than ihram etc from the innovations that Allah and His Messenger have not legislated at all as a means of getting closer by it."
from what i understood, if one uncovers not intending this to be a worship then this is not an innovation but if it is being done as a worship (similar to ihram) then this is an innovation. Is this understanding correct?

I don't see that mafhum al-mulkhalifah (when the opposite of the case mentioned is given the opposite ruling) applies here.

This text has to do with things done to draw closer to Allah. The case in question is the idea that some people had that the self-imposed humiliation of baring the head would bring them closer to Allah. This is something more specific than whether covering the head itself is part of the sunnah; removing it without the intention of it being worship is an issue outside of the scope of what Ibn Rajab is giving examples for.

If you have Al-Subki's Jam` Al-Jawami`a, one of its commentaries, or Sheikh Al-Isam Zakariyah Al-Ansari's mukhtasr with his own commentary Ghayat Al-Wusul, at the beginning of the section on "Al-Mantuq wa Al-Mafhum" there are several instances where mafhum al-mukhalifah does not apply. But these are not easy books, and this issue is not mentioned in the easier books.

You should note that the phrasing indicates that covering the head is a norm. It is generally accepted that the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace), the Companions (Allah be well pleased with them), and the following generations of Muslims all covered their head. If uncovering the head is not a bid`a, then what pray tell is?

I had hoped to find the place where Ibn Rajab (Allah have mercy with him) specifically states that uncovering the head was a modern innovation in his time, but could not find it in the time I had to answer this question.

You should keep in mind that the fuqaha do not consider the clothes of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to necessarily fall under that which is included in the legislation.

And Allah knows best.

wa al-salamu `alaykum