Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Oddities Regarding Najasah (Revisited)

I don't clearly understand the position because it seems like you are saying two seemingly contradictory things.

1] If you urinate in a body of water greater than 212 liters (qullatain?), then according to the hanbali madhab is that water considered tahir (and not tahoor), even if it was the ocean or a lake? Please use the fiqi arabic terms as it gets blurry with english translated words..thank you.

p.s. please provide the sources of hadeeth for the opinion..

This group is for Hanbali fiqh, not hadith and takhrij. Besides, this is not really a problem of authenticity but one of istidlal and istinbat.

As for the hadith, one single mutaffaq `alayhi: hadith will do The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: "You should not urinate in stagnate water and then wash from it", and another phrasing found in Bukhari but not Muslim: "...and then wash in it". This hadith includes small amounts and great amounts of water and it is specific to urine, and it has a higher degree of authenticity than hadith al-qullatayn. so it is given precedence.  This comes straight out of Ibn Qudamah's Al-Mughi.

As for specific large bodies of water, I wrote: "unless it is very difficult to protect the water from such an event". Here is a case of istithna based on an `illah: so when the `illah exists then this istithna will occur. Or plainer in English: here is a case where there is an exception triggered by a specific cause: so when the cause exists then the exception is triggered.

Where's the contradiction? Anyone else see what just "seems" to be a contradiction?

wa al-salamu `alaykum