Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Lesson 19: "wa la-z-zalin" (with a za not a zay)

I have a question regarding the following section of
Lesson 19:

'It is not valid for an € ¦'³illiterate€ ¦'´'·someone who does
recite Al-Fatiha correctly, or makes idhgham...(b:
such as someone who changes the ra to a ghayn, with
the exception of replacing the dad of € ¦'³al-maghdubi€ ¦'´
and € ¦'³al-dalin€ ¦'´ with a za)...'

I simply wanted to clarify my understanding of this
last point. Is it valid to pray behind someone who
replaces the dad with the za in 'al-maghdubi' and

Al-hamdu lillah someone asked about this.

The letter that can replace the € ¦Ö /dad  (like a sad with a single dot above) is € ¦Ù / za  (like a ta with a single dot above, or like a dad with a vertical line and a single dot above) not € ¦Ò / zay  (like a ra with a single dot above). (The Arabic characters I included may appear as garbage.)

Just for fun I have attached a small HTML file about the woes of transliteration. Comments and advice are most welcome.

wa al-salamu `alaykum