Bismillahi Al-Rahmani Al-Rahim

Menstruating Women and the Musalla (2)

Does the Hanbali madhab distinguish b/t a masjid and an "Islamic center?" For example, as in the West when the Islamic center is gov'd and owned by a board or even an individual, and not administered by a ministry of awqaf?

Someone in the state of major ritual impurity or a woman who is menstruating or during nifas may not stay in a mosque or the designated place outside of the city where `Eid is prayed. From what I have seen, an area that is used for prayer must also be made into an endowment--declared the property of Allah Most High--in order for the same rulings to apply. Whether or not the property in question is being looked after by a board of trustees or an appointed individual is another issue. The prime issue is whether or not the property is a house of Allah. Anyone who wishes to know more about mosques can turn to the book of endowments (kitab al-awqaf).

In the West many of the places we use for prayer are rented, so they cannot become endowments, and because of this those places are not technically considered mosques.

And Allah knows best.

wa al-salamu `alaykum