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Extremism and terrorism are not limited to non-state actors or groups which claim to adhere to Islam while trampling on the pure example of Prophet Muhammad ,

but unwittingly they are - most of the time - political weapons in the hands of the arrogant elites of various states and this is a very difficult situation.

Also right-wing, supremacist, nazi groups have emerged, while being emboldened by their leaders, in places such as the US, Russia, India, to mention a few. Then there is China, using their special brand of state extremism against minorities - such as the Uyghur Muslims, but not only against them - and in a grand industrial scale, erasing their religion, their culture, their dignity, but Allah will punish them, and the promise of Allah is true.

One such example here:


1. Extremism and terrorism claiming Judaism or Zionism

1.1 Judaism ≠ Zionism

1.2 For the countless crimes of Zionists against Palestinians - who are Muslims, Christians or otherwise, we refer to this link.

1.3 One example here below - in this picture - more to follow, inshah Allah.

Thousands of olive trees owned by Palestinian farmers (often owned for generations) are being uprooted and destroyed by Zionist settlers at this moment and no European Union person has the guts to stand up against it.

While those Zionists don't believe in God (G-d), as they don't follow His distinct warnings to the Israelites (see OT), they still believe that God has given them the land!

2. Extremism ( ) claiming Christianity

The Christian Right (esp. in the US) is not so much a religion than a dangerous sect, enabling authoritarianism.

”In Bible class at my evangelical high school, I was taught that pluralism is ’heresy’ and must be rejected. This was a more formal way of conveying what I had already learned as a small child— that it was the task of all Christians to convert everyone to Christianity, and that the world would be a much better place if everyone were Christian.”

”For the Christian Right, religious freedom means their right to discriminate against people who don’t share their beliefs.”

- The only way to save democracy from the Christian Right is by fighting for pluralism C Stroop, Feb 13, 2020

3. Extremism and terrorism claiming Islam

Then there is the special case of those who claim to act in the name of Islam. Those people have turned away from the example of the noble messenger of Allah - the blessings and peace of Allah upon him.
The idea of an (islamic) nation-state is a modernist idea, not an islamic concept. The only valid islamic state “is essentially a universal state, a state without borders.”

The Muslims do live of course in de-facto nation-states, but they should not accept in principle the division of the world into nations and states.

Furthermore the division of the world into a dar-u-s salam (abode of peace) and a daru-l harb (abode of war) is obsolete in this globalised world. The only and true dar-u-s salam (abode of peace) which we have is the next life, this is the eternal Abode Of Peace.

If people are concerned so much with (islamic) nation-states then they will politically compromise because “their main concern would be more the preservation of the integrity of the borders (of any land area) rather than the integrity of Islam,” - may Allah forbid!

- The Clarification of Extremism

- The Illusions Of Fundamentalism

2.2 Real Jihad vs. ISIS Delusion - F. Soliman

Sh. Fadel Soliman exposes the ‘ISIS’ delusion, showing what real Jihad is about. Towards the end he presents examples of ”Daesh’s selective fiqh,” selective meaning here false legal understanding which goes against fundamental tenets of Islam.

- Youtube: The ISIS Delusion, By Fadel Soliman
- Islamophobia 1 - Ep2, Kafir, kufr also By Fadel Soliman

2.3 Texts on Extremism

- Attack in Nice, 2020-10-29, Declaration by Sh Yasir Qadhi

- More evidence of Libya blowback/ UK Navy rescued Manchester suicide bomber

- Open Letter To Al-Baghdádí - Response To Daesh (Not ”IS”)

- Some Texts On Daesh (not ’IS/ ISIS’) 

- Saving Islam from the Deceit and Depravity of the Islamic State, Sh. Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi 

- This is Not the Path to Paradise! Response to Daesh, Bin Bayyah

- Why An Islamic State Is Not Feasible Today, OKN

- Using Non-Violence In Issues Pertaining To The Muslims, OKN

- Extremism In The Modern World, S Nasr

- Characteristics of Extremism, by Sh Yusuf al-Qaradawi

- New Kharijism, Sh M. Hisham Kabbani

- The New Crime-Terror Nexus (ed. from ICSR Research paper)

2.4 WARNING! Don’t Join The Extremists!

This is a general warning to every eager (often young) person who wants to sets things right in his own way - where-ever employed, religious or not. They have very little concern for the wellbeing of those affected by their violent actions, and no knowledge of the consequences for themselves and for society.

In the Muslim Ummah (community) there cases of extremism, people devoid of traditional Islamic teachings, or in denial of those teachings, pretending they know even better than the holy Prophet himself - the blessings and peace of Allah upon him.

They are those who twist Quran and hadith and accuse every other Muslim, who does not follow their bigoted, anti-traditional interpretations, as an apostate (takfír ).

It is not the Islamic Way to establish an Islamic khalifat & laws without consultation of the Muslim Ummah and it is against the intention and the practice of the Holy Prophet   and every Islamic tradition to build a state through coercion, spying, intimidation and murder of Muslims and Non-Muslims.

This is Not the Path to Paradise! Response to Daesh (not: ”IS/ ISIS”) by Sh Abdallah bin Bayyah



2.5 Anger Is Not the Prophetic Way

The foremost example of merciful magnanimity is by no one so fully manifested as by the Prophet himself.

See for example: Historic Events Of Muslim Magnanimity.

2.6 On What Is Forbidden / HARAM / in Islam

01. It is forbidden in Islam to issue fatwas without all the necessary learning requirements.

02. It is forbidden in Islam to issue legal rulings about anything without mastery of the Arabic language.

03. It is forbidden in Islam to oversimplify Shari’ah matters and ignore established Islamic sciences.

… The rest of this list

3. The Extreme Policies of Spreading Fear and Hatred Claiming Democracy, Secularism and Freedom of Speech.

This Spreading Fear and Hatred is targeting the Muslim community right now, but it will spread to most of society. The case of France, Macron in 2020.

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