We BELIEVE in a State of Islam. But we don’t believe in an Islamic State[*].
[The state of Islam is a specific state of the heart. The aim is a sound, healthy heart, which is the organ of knowledge … knowledge of and intimacy with Allah {qalbu-s salím }. This is the beginning of everything for the servant of Allah. ]
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Sura 2_11
{And when it is said to them, "Do not cause corruption on the earth,"
they say, "We are but reformers."} Sura 2-11

Regarding the Idea of An (Islamic)


From A Lecture By Shaykh A.H. Murad

Edited Omar KN


In these times of akhiri zamán (the latter times before al-Mahdi a.s.) it is neither possible nor sincere to build an ’Islamic State.’
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A. Utopia Is Rejected by the Islamic Tradition

The concept of utopia1 emerged in Western Europe in the wake of the so-called Enlightenment era, which was in reality the opposite of an ’enlightenment’, as it abstracted from the sovereignty of God, and instead installed ’man’ as the means and aim of all human endeavour, also called human hubris.2

The islamic tradition accepts imperfection in this world, at least from the viewpoint of man; what he (she) is called to is to know and improve himself (herself) and use this imperfection in a way as to turn to God, the One of Perfection, and take up the spiritual struggle (jihad ), which is not a struggle about things of this world. In contrast the utopian idea suggests a struggle for a perfect society in this life, which is not only impossible, but also ruinous, ignoring the spiritual aspect of man's purpose in life.3

What follows are quotes from a lecture by Shaykh A.H. Murad.4

B. 'Riding the Tiger' - What It Means

The expression was obviously coined by J. Evola. He thought an elite, which would base itself on a spiritual tradition, would be capable of using - maybe even taming the tiger of modernity.

(Regarding the title of the lecture) 'Riding the Tiger', (this) is a fairly hackneyed5 expression, used quite often by those whose policy of responding to the - perhaps unheralded - challenges of the modern world consists not in the - perhaps requisite eschatological Sharia expectation or directive to head for the hills - with the proverbial flock of sheep - but to jump on the back of this threatening tiger and to see if one can attempt to tame it.

C. The Islamist Agenda

One might say that much of the "islamist agenda" of the past 50 years perhaps more, has been based on the idea that one can - for instance - rather than retreat from the banking system, attempt to carve out a niche within it, or even to tame it in some sense, so that it can once again be directed towards a just and legitimate Sharia end.

D. The Idea of the Nation State

The idea of the nation state - another bugbear8 of many of our brethren - is in the eyes of many something that can be appropriated and turned into something called an Islamic state.

We can even have an Islamic republic - interesting irony when you consider that republicanism, particularly in its Enlightenment days emerged specifically as an antidote to the perceived clergy6 or theocracy. ... (their) principal aim in life was to push religion back where they thought it belonged into a box, leaving the public square to the 'republican' and essentially laic mentality.

But we have - following the Khomeiny's revolution - the idea of an 'islamic republic,' a very strange pair of bed-fellows, but this is the discourse that some of our brethren - have sought.

E. The Discourse of Some of Our Brethren

This is the discourse that some of our brethren - perhaps with commendable courage - have sought. But instead of the traditional modality of taking a step back in times of turbulence, one takes a step forward (with the presumption) that Islam is a proactive rather than a reactive religion and one should seek to appropriate the technologies, the modalities, the structures, the infrastructures of modernity in order to turn them to benign and humanitarian ends. So 'riding the tiger' is a fairly hackneyed expression.

Allah says:

spacepart of verse in Sura 35-43

{ For you shall not find any alteration in the course of Allah; and you shall not find any change in the course of Allah. } 35-43 9

F. Another View on the State

The Caliphate, The Hijaz and the Saudi Wahabi Nation State, Sh. Imran Hosein

”One of the essential characteristics of the religion of Islam is its insistence that when a people recognise Allah Most High as 'sovereign' (al-Malik) then they must ensure that the State and all its institutions submit to Allah's supreme authority and supreme law. If the State, rather than Allah, is recognised as sovereign, and that is the essence of the secularism, Islam declares such to be Shirk (blasphemy) and that is the greatest sin possible.

”Around the world today the modern secular State is universally recognised as sovereign. Its authority is recognised as supreme, and so too its law. And so, around the world today mankind is now embraced by a universal political Shirk (blasphemy). This is, in fact, one of the major signs that we now live in the age of Dajjal, the false Messiah or Anti-Christ, who deceived mankind into worshipping other than Allah Most High. He, Dajjal, is the mastermind behind today's world order about which the Hadith declares that 999 out of every 1000 will enter into the hellfire. But even Muslims seem to be unaware of this.

□ comment: We don’t equate the sovereignty of the state with the sovereignty of Allah swt.



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  1. Utopia: an imagined place or state of things in this world where everything is perfect. (adapted from Apple Dict.)

  2. Quoting Shaykh Abd Al Wahid Yahya - René Guénon: "In any case, what Westerners call civilization, the others would call barbarity, because it is precisely lacking in the essential, that is to say a principle of a higher order." RG, East And West, 1924

  3. This shift of emphasis toward the materialistic level is one of the symptoms of the decadence of time as foretold by the Prophet of Islam ( sallAllahu `aleihi wa sallam ). See also The Idea of An Earthly Utopia

  4. Lecture By Shaykh A.H. Murad YT

  5. hackneyed: (of a phrase or idea) having been overused; unoriginal and trite. (Apple Dict.)

  6. clergy: the body of all people ordained for religious duties, especially in the Christian Church. (Apple Dict.)

7. What Muslims don't want and what they don't need:

We believe in the rule of law, not in the rule of lawlessness, i.e. lawless militancy (i.e. criminality).
see: Some Texts On Daesh (not ’IS/ ISIS’)

8. bugbear: a cause of obsessive fear, anxiety, or irritation. (Apple Dict.)

9. A possible tafsir (explanation) for verse 35-43

”That there is no change in the course of God (cf. 33:62; 48:23) can be understood as a reference to the permanence of the laws and principles God established for creation. In this context, it indicates both that God always allows the plotting of the disbelievers to close in upon them and that the outcome is something decreed, which none can avert (70:2; R).” The Study Quran

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