Nothing more (is there) that matters,
except for the love of the Beloved, the Real One,
except for the death to the world, and
the ego, worst stumbling stone on the Way.
worse than Shaitan,
worse than the dunya - world,
worse than the passions, which come and go.

Nothing more is there that matters,
Except for the Light of the Beloved,
the Light of God.
the light of Guidance (hudá),
the light of guidance by the Holy Prophet ﷺ

Nothing more is there that matters,
except for the movement of the spirit of man to
bow down before the Great Ultimate.
the unimportant servant before the Truth, the Real,
the Ultimate Concern!

Because without being concerned for HIM,
the Highest, the Noblest of all Existence,
no other concern is of importance,
“the other” is only dust, some matter which settles,
not a divine substance which rises.

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