Allah's Names and Attributes
by Sh. G. F. Haddad

Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim

Following is a list of Allah's Beautiful Names and Attributes.

Ism al-Dhat al-Qudsiyya = The Name of the Divine Essence
Ism al-Jalala = The Sublime Name
al-Ism al-A'zam = The Most Magnificent Name

2. Al-Rahman
The All-Beneficent

3. Al-Rahim
The Most Merciful

4. Al-Malik
The King, The Sovereign

5. Al-Quddus
The Most Holy

6. Al-Salam
Peace and Blessing

7. Al-Mu'min
The Guarantor

8. Al-Muhaymin
The Guardian, the Preserver

9. Al-'Aziz
The Almighty, the Self-Sufficient

10. Al-Jabbar
The Powerful, the Irresistible

11. Al-Mutakabbir
The Tremendous

12. Al-Khaliq
The Creator

13. Al-Bari'
The Maker

14. Al-Musawwir
The Fashioner of Forms

15. Al-Ghaffar
The Ever-Forgiving

16. Al-Qahhar
The All-Compelling Subduer

17. Al-Wahhab
The Bestower

18. Al-Razzaq
The Ever-Providing

19. Al-Fattah
The Opener, the Victory-Giver

20. Al-Alim
The All-Knowing, the Omniscient

21. Al-Qabid
The Restrainer, the Straitener

22. Al-Basit
The Expander, the Munificent

23. Al-Khafid
The Abaser

24. Al-Rafi'
The Exalter

25. Al-Mu'izz
The Giver of Honor

26. Al-Mudhill
The Giver of Dishonor

27. Al-Sami'
The All-Hearing

28. Al-Basir
The All-Seeing

29. Al-Hakam
The Judge, the Arbitrator

30. Al-'Adl
The Utterly Just

31. Al-Latif
The Subtly Kind

32. Al-Khabir
The All-Aware

33. Al-Halim
The Forbearing, the Indulgent

34. Al-'Azim
The Magnificent, the Infinite

35. Al-Ghafur
The All-Forgiving

36. Al-Shakur
The Grateful

37. Al-'Ali
The Sublimely Exalted

38. Al-Kabir
The Great

39. Al-Hafiz
The Preserver

40. Al-Muqit
The Nourisher

41. Al-Hasib
The Reckoner

42. Al-Jalil
The Majestic

43. Al-Karim
The Bountiful, the Generous

44. Al-Raqib
The Watchful

45. Al-Mujib
The Responsive, the Answerer

46. Al-Wasi'
The Vast, the All-Encompassing

47. Al-Hakim
The Wise

48. Al-Wadud
The Loving, the Kind One

49. Al-Majid
The All-Glorious

50. Al-Ba'ith
The Raiser of the Dead

51. Al-Shahid
The Witness

52. Al-Haqq
The Truth, the Real

53. Al-Wakil
The Trustee, the Dependable

54. Al-Qawiyy
The Strong

55. Al-Matin
The Firm, the Steadfast

56. Al-Wali
The Protecting Friend, Patron, and Helper

57. Al-Hamid
The All-Praiseworthy

58. Al-Muhsi
The Accounter, the Numberer of All

59. Al-Mubdi'
The Producer, Originator, and Initiator of all

60. Al-Mu'id
The Reinstater Who Brings Back All

61. Al-Muhyi
The Giver of Life

62. Al-Mumit
The Bringer of Death, the Destroyer

63. Al-Hayy
The Ever-Living

64. Al-Qayyum
The Self-Subsisting Sustainer of All

65. Al-Wajid
The Perceiver, the Finder, the Unfailing

66. Al-Majid
The Illustrious, the Magnificent

67. Al-Wahid
The One, the All-Inclusive, the Indivisible

68. Al-Samad
The Self-Sufficient, the Impregnable, the Eternally Besought of All, the Everlasting

69. Al-Qadir
The All-Able

70. Al-Muqtadir
The All-Determiner, the Dominant

71. Al-Muqaddim
The Expediter, He who brings forward

72. Al-Mu'akhkhir
The Delayer, He who puts far away

73. Al-Awwal
The First

74. Al-Akhir
The Last

75. Al-Zahir
The Manifest; the All-Victorious

76. Al-Batin
The Hidden; the All-Encompassing

77. Al-Wali
The Patron

78. Al-Muta'al
The Self-Exalted

79. Al-Barr
The Most Kind and Righteous

80. Al-Tawwab
The Ever-Returning, Ever-Relenting

81. Al-'Afuww
The Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins

82. Al-Muntaqim
The Avenger

83. Al-Ra'uf
The Compassionate, the All-Pitying

84. Malik al-Mulk
The Owner of All Sovereignty

85. Dhu al-Jalal wa al-Ikram
The Lord of Majesty and Generosity

86. Al-Muqsit
The Equitable, the Requiter

87. Al-Jami'
The Gatherer, the Unifier

88. Al-Ghani
The All-Rich, the Independent

89. Al-Mughni
The Enricher, the Emancipator

90. Al-Mu'ti
The Giver

91. Al-Mani'
The Withholder, the Shielder, the Defender

92. Al-Nafi'
The Propitious, the Benefactor

93. Al-Darr
The Distresser, the Harmer

94. Al-Nur
The Light

95. Al-Hadi
The Guide

96. Al-Badi'
The Incomparable, the Originator

97. Al-Baqi
The Ever-Enduring and Immutable

98. Al-Warith
The Heir, the Inheritor of All

99. Al-Rashid
The Guide, Infallible Teacher, and Knower

100. Al-Sabur
The Patient, the Timeless

Subhan Allah wa bi Hamdihi, Subhan Allah al-ĘżAzim

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