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- Islamic tradition - acc. to the traditional schools of Islam (madháhib )

- On the Prophet, Messenger of Allah (saws)

- Tradition in its general sense, 

in relation to metaphysics, sacred knowledge 

- Post-modernism, modern mentality, socio-political descriptions

- Islamic Sufism (tasawwuf )

- Excerpts from the teachings of Shaykh Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi


These topics are all related, they are different perspectives on the One Truth, Allah.



About This Site


This is a Sunni site. We believe tasawwuf - the inner dimension of Islamic teachings - is one of the Islamic sciences, as are the fiqh and the hadith sciences. We believe that those who adhere to the Salafi ideological and theological view are part of Ahlu-Sunna wal Jamá`a.


Although they hold different views they are our brothers and sisters in Islam. Regarding the Shia, we accept them as Muslims and no comment after that. When it comes to people of Al-Qaeda, Daesh /”IS” and other extremists, we do not agree with them on their views on Jihad, state-building etc. nor do we condone their actions. 


On this site, we have rectified various misconceptions and aberrations which are often propagated by those who should know better. May Allah guide them!


The texts on this site bear witness to the beauty and reality of the Islamic tradition, now, and until the end of times. 

Topics of This Site


People Are Deceived

Preamble: 2. People are nowadays generally deceived into deriding Islam, the religion of God and scapegoating the Muslims. Different, often sinister tactics are used to sow hatred and distrust in the community of humankind. Today the Muslims, tomorrow anyone else.


This fear-mongering, racism and disseminating of big lies against Islam even got worse with the events of 9/11, and is pernicious for all of humanity.


It is a satanic policy aimed at distracting from real problems such as:

- the loss of the sacred (when nothing is sacred, everything can be monetized and abused),

- the greediness of the 1% in face of world poverty,

- the devastation of the earth's spiritual and physical habitat, including the destruction of traditional societies and their heritage.

    -    the danger which the occupier entity ’Israel’ constitutes to Muslims in particular and to the nations in general.


These are some of the signs of the last times and we have been warned - not least by the holy Prophet - the blessings and peace of Allah on him!


So we take the Way of Islam, for Allah, the Supreme, the All-Merciful, All-Compassionate.


{This day, I have perfected your religion [way of life] for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.}

Sura 5-3


Not A War on Terror

Preamble: 1. The ’war on terror’ is a lie. A wave of demonizing Islam has been unleashed from certain quarters of the West and even of the East - especially since 9/11. It is a campaign staged by the self-loving Dajjali elites, in order to distract from more life-changing issues which we all have to face very soon.


The so-called war on terror is a neat front to propagate the superpowers' global hegemony for their unjust new world order, in which the poor are trampled upon, the middle classes reduced, and where the superrich erect tyrannical regimes. Just like Pharao (Firaun) they’ll be humiliated on the Day of Standing!


The killing of innocents (non-combatants) is terrorism, no matter the perpetrator, no matter the justification. The bombing of civilians (in Muslim countries and elsewhere) is a war crime, there just is no justification.


In parallel there are measures taken to step-by-step curb democratic rights & liberties and surreptitiously establish a police & surveillance state. International trade agreements threaten to curtail economic rights including even the right to healthy food and water, while swelling the profits of the few.


Islam has clear rules for every life situation, so wars are only fought for defence and the reckless targeting of civilians is clearly forbidden, as is mistreating, torturing prisoners.


Islam is the way to safeguard human dignity and well-being in this life and the next. It is the means is to guide man & woman to reach God-consciousness, as exemplified by the Holy Prophet .


The texts on this site bear witness to the beauty and reality of the Islamic tradition, now and until the Coming of Al-Mahdi (puh).


Islam is peace and truth, the rule of law, justice and light!



Living Islam & Islamic tradition

Living Islam: in accordance with its authentic sources, Quran & Sunnah.


Islamic tradition: rediscovering and re-deploying the partially forgotten–sometimes lost–original and authentic Way of Prophet Muhammad (saws), confirmed and guarded by the saints and scholars of Islam for over 14 centuries up to today, not in the meaning of ’going back’ to the customs and conventions (culture) of old, but reviving the authentic Sunna of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad .


NB: It is Islam that reigns - today - until the last day.



The Charter of Medina

We declare hereby our firm commitment to the principles articulated in the Charter of Medina*, whose provisions contained a number of the principles of constitutional contractual citizenship, such as freedom of movement, property ownership, mutual solidarity, and defence, as well as principles of justice and equality before the law.


*The year 2016 marked the 1,400th anniversary of the Charter of Medina, a constitutional contract between the Prophet Muhammad, God's peace and blessings be upon him, and the people of Medina, which guaranteed the religious liberty of all, regardless of faith.




1st Point in Arabic

إن البشر جمیعا على اختلاف أجناسهم وألوانهم ولغاتهم ومعتقداتهم كرمهم الله عز وجل بنفخة من روحه في أبيهم آدم علیه السلام

 {  ولقد كرمنا بني آدم

 – الإسراء



The Unity of Humankind Is One

Other Opinions


The impulse to make Muslims collectively guilty is driven by an urge to collectively punish Muslims, which is a war crime. @cjwerleman

... Co-piloted by the Israel-Lobby's anti-Muslim propaganda machine whose sole purpose is to dehumanise Muslims and by extension the Palestinians. @PC_Snowflake


ISIS grew out of Al Qaeda in Iraq, which grew out of the chaos caused by the 2003 invasion. 'War On Terror' approach doesn't make us safe. @davidwearing


To recognize Western violence as a causal factor in terrorism isn't to deny terrorists agency; the opposite is true. — @ggreenwald January 6, 2016



“An agreement btw us and you!”

The unity of humankind is one, because God is One. This is the universal aspect of the Islamic teachings.


God is one, the light of the messengers is one, because their message is essentially one. Everyone will return to God, may he/ she be a faithful or not, only with different consequences. 

Mankind is described by "banu Adam" the folk of Adam or "nás" which is people, mankind. 


Traditional Islam also does not research the mind of people or their beliefs - as Allahs guides Who He wills, but Islam does need to ensure public order and safety, whereas corruption and sedition are negative and malicious. 


The unity of humankind is one in principle, however there are those who scheme to separate and divide people and who in their greed only care about a trifle gain in this life, irrespective of the human cost. 


The unity of humankind is threatened by who aim to separate the human family and who denigrate the other up to the point when killing and bombing seems justified, which it is not. The circle of violence will only end when peaceful coexistence (fn) is achieved, through the perception that the other is different but none-the-less human. 


◊ Those who cannot forgive, cannot count on divine forgiveness.

◊ Those who die in the darkness of hate,  cannot count on the divine light of love.



{ Say: O People of the Scripture! Come to an agreement between us and you: that we shall worship none but Allah, and that we shall ascribe no partner unto Him, and that none of us shall take others for lords beside Allah. And if they turn away, then say: Bear witness that we are they who have surrendered (unto Him).}

Sura 3-64

The site was launched in 1998 as a joint effort of dedicated Muslim intellectuals to explicate and revive the Islamic tradition.

It has about 800+ pages.