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It Is Not A War on Terror

But a War on Islam and Every Truthloving Person

1. The ’war on terror’ is a lie. It is a neat front to enforce the superpowers' global hegemony in this world. For this a wave of demonizing Islam has been unleashed from certain quarters of the West and the East* - especially since 9/11. 

It is a campaign staged by the self-loving, warmongering Dajjali** elites, in order to distract from more life-changing issues which mankind has to face: Loss of the sacred, corruption in high places, poverty of the masses, hunger of the underprivileged, depletion of the environment. **Antichrist

They aim at a new world order, in which the poor are trampled upon, the middle classes reduced, and where the superrich erect tyrannical regimes. Like new Pharaos (Firaun) they’ll be humiliated on the Day of Reckoning!

Also, the subsequent war on terror has by now become an increasingly accepted discourse that legitimises enmity against Islam, and increasingly against all forces of good and right.

NB: The killing of innocents (non-combatants) is terrorism, no matter state or non-state perpetrators, no matter the justification. The bombings of civilians (in Muslim countries and elsewhere) are war crimes, there is no justification.

NB: Suicide-bombings have never been and will never be part of Islam!

In parallel there are measures taken to step-by-step curb democratic and social rights & liberties and surreptitiously establish a kleptocratic police & surveillance state.

The aim is to restructure societies so that there will more spending on military warfare and less expenditure for welfare, and health and social security. That way economic rights are threatened, even the right to healthy food and water, while swelling the profits of the few.

Islam has clear rules for every life situation, so wars are only fought for defence and the reckless targeting of civilians is clearly forbidden, as is mistreating, or torturing prisoners.
Islam is the way to safeguard human dignity and well-being in this life and the next. It is the means to guide man & woman to reach God-consciousness, as exemplified by the Holy Prophet
The texts on Living Islam - Islamic Tradition bear witness to the beauty and reality of the Islamic tradition, now and until the Coming of Al-Mahdi (peace and blessings be upon him).

Don’t believe the lies of those who hate Islam, inform yourself, ask Muslims or even better Muslim scholars!
Islam is peace and truth, the rule of law, justice and light!
Islam is also mercy, goodness and wisdom!
Islam is honor and the right to self-defence!

Allah is beauty and He loves beauty.

People Are Deceived …

2. “The mind automatically and involuntary rejects the information which does not match the previously accepted ideas and beliefs.” 
According to the theory of cognitive dissonance

People are often deceived into deriding Islam, the religion of God and scapegoating the Muslims. Different, often sinister tactics are used to sow hatred and distrust in the community of humankind. Yesterday the Christians, then the Jews, today the Muslims, tomorrow everyone else.
This fear-mongering, racism and disseminating of big lies against Islam even got worse with
the events of 9/11 2001 and those of 7/7/2005, and is pernicious for all of humanity.

It is a satanic policy aimed at distracting from real problems such as:
- the loss of the sacred (when nothing is sacred, everything can be monetized and abused),
- the greediness of the 1% in face of world poverty,
- the devastation of the earth's spiritual and physical habitat, including the destruction of traditional societies and their heritage.
- the danger which the occupier entity ’Israel’ constitutes to Muslims in particular and to the nations in general.

These are some of the signs of the last times …

…and we have been warned - not least by the holy Prophet - the blessings and peace of Allah upon him!

So we take the Way of Islam, for Allah, the Supreme, the All-Merciful, All-Compassionate.

{This day, I have perfected your religion [way of life] for you, completed My favour upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion.} Sura 5-3


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