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Man and Woman

On the True Spiritual Equality of Men and Women

Al-Tabarânî reports that a woman, who came to be regarded a gifted orator among the Arabs, called Asmâ' bint Yazîd al-Ansâriyah, had been chosen by a group of Arab women as their representative with the Prophet - may Allah's peace and blessings be with him - in order to ask him for advice. 

She found him among his companions, so she turned to him
with the following words:

"By my father and my mother, oh Messenger of Allah! I was brought to you by these women. Allah has sent you to all men and women and we (for our part) grew in our faith in you and your god.

We - the women - are nevertheless always confined to our houses, where we sit carrying your children, whereas you - the men - are favoured compared to us. You are able to meet each other and reunite [where the Prophet
is present], you can help each other at funerals, perform the pilgrimage and even better: take part in the struggle for the sake of Allah (al-jihâd fî sabîl Allâh).

In this way, if someone of you leaves us for the pilgrimage, for the small visit (`umrah) or for fighting, it is up to us to mend your clothes and bring up your children for you. Are we not then allowed to have part in the reward (
ajr) and all the good?" 

When the Prophet
- may Allah's peace and blessings be with him - had listened to her speech he turned (with the whole body) to his companions and said: "Have you heard the question concerning the religion of a woman who expressed it so well?"

The companions answered: "Oh Allah's Messenger! We have never thought a woman would be able to reach such a level!"

Then the Prophet - may Allah's peace and blessings be with him - turned to her and said:

"Understand well, oh woman and inform your companions, that to occupy yourselves with the affairs of your husbands (
husn al-taba`ul) is equivalent of all this for the woman" [meaning that to perform all the duties and responsibilities of a wife is equivalent of all that men can do].

The woman left and while praising Allah
سبحانه و تعالى returned to her friends to tell them everything that the Prophet - may Allah's peace and blessings be with him - had told her, and they were all very satisfied with it.
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Islamic Gender Equality

To be treated equally, or just, does not mean that each (gender) is the same. ​ When it comes to men and women, everyone recognises that there are inherent indisputable differences between men and women.

They are not identical; men and women are naturally different in many ways. As a result, it does not follow logically to neglect those differences and advocate a single standard in matters where they are not the same. …

Modern psychological research continues to unveil differences in men and women from the most obvious in behavioural patterns to those as trivial as picking out an angry face in a crowd. ​ In light of such manifest differences between the two genders, it is unsuitable for men and women to assume identical roles.

In contrast to the feminist premise that women can do anything men can do, science is demonstrating that women can do some things better, that they have many biological and cognitive advantages over men. Then again, there are some things that women don’t do as well.

God created us with different but complementary strengths and capabilities. A man does not need to become a woman nor vice versa in order to be successful.

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No to Marriage Violence

A female companion came to the door of Rasūlullāh ﷺ at Fajr (morning) and complained that her husband had struck her. She explained her circumstances and told him that things could no longer continue. When her husband came to Rasūlullāh ﷺ - he told him to release her in marriage. ​

Look at the akhlaq (excellent character) of the Messenger ﷺ and his justice. He didn't force her to return. Rasūlullāh ﷺ was teaching us that there are cases when it's better to be alone and content than to be in something where both parties are unhappy and unable to live together in harmony. That's life sometimes.

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Sex is Assigned at Birth

Sex is assigned at/ before birth, it is not a ’choice’ any person can make. Transgender ideologues propagate the dangerous delusion of ”gender identity”, ie. that you should have the gender which you ’feel’ to belong to, never mind the gender assigned biologically at birth.

The delusion is further, that gender insecurity found in some young people with psychological problems - "dysphoria" - could be addressed by changing the sex of the child/ youngster artificially by medication and chirurgical intervention. The ensuing suffering is great.

This trend is about to become an epidemic. Blame the media who are promoting the transgender lifestyle as popular, desirable and the solution to all of (young folks’) problems.

Islam teaches that Allah designed & created two distinct & complementary sexes, male & female, for conjugal union... Allah assigns biological sex at creation as a gift, a blessing...rejection of one’s assigned sex is rebellion against the created order … Islam considers it sinful for men to imitate women and women to imitate men.

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