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Repressive Regimes2

A few examples of very repressive regimes in the world of ours, where Muslims are ill-treated, where they will not be dealt with equity and justice.
If some extremists have done wrong then they must be taken to a court of justice, not that the whole population becomes a victim of a revengeful authoritarian apparatus.


Uighur wives in Xinjiang have been required to 'invite' officials into their homes 20191104

With their husbands away from home, those Muslim women must provide information about their lives and political views to the male inspectors, who call themselves their 'relatives', it is reported. They are encouraged to 'develop feelings' towards each other, one official claimed.

Zionist Israel - Palestine

Not an isolated incident: There are many examples where Israel's occupation army dehumanize the Palestinian people. More here: Texts on Zionism

Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian man into his back. twitter 20191103
Israeli soldiers shoot rubber-coated bullets at a Palestinian man at Za'ayyen checkpoint in occupied East Jerusalem today, and despite him posing no security threat.

India - Kashmir

Kashmiri youth are being extra-judicially kidnapped and tortured by the Indian army. This is meant to terrorize the Kashmiri population. FreeKashmiriBoys

Since 1989, there have been 11,000 gang rapes of Kashmiri women at the hands of Indian security forces. There have been over 10,000 disappearances of Kashmiri civilians. Over 20,000 women have been forcibly widowed after their husbands disappeared, never hearing from them again. They are referred to as half-widows in Kashmir.

While there have existed terror groups in Jammu and Kashmir and probably still exist, this does not give the Indian goverment the right to blanket punish the whole of Kashmiri population!



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