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On the True Spiritual Equality Among Men and Women

Al-Tabarânî reports that a woman, who came to be regarded a gifted orator among the Arabs, called Asmâ' bint Yazîd al-Ansâriyah, had been chosen by a group of Arab women as their representative with the Prophet - may Allah's peace and blessings be with him - in order to ask him for advice. 

She said:

We - the women - are nevertheless always confined to our houses, where we sit carrying your children, whereas you - the men - are favoured compared to us.”

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This is a Sunni site. We believe tasawwuf - the inner dimension of Islamic teachings - is one of the Islamic sciences, as are the fiqh and the hadith sciences. We believe that those who adhere to the Salafi ideological and theological view are part of Ahlu-Sunna wal Jamá`a.


Although they hold different views …

… they are our brothers and sisters in Islam. Regarding the Shia, we accept them as Muslims and no comment after that. When it comes to people of Al-Qaeda, Daesh /”IS” and other extremists, we do not agree with them on their views on Jihad, state-building etc. nor do we condone their actions. 


On this site, we have rectified various misconceptions and aberrations which are often propagated by those who should know better. May Allah guide them!


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