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The First Step
from non-existence into existence

Into The Sublime
The First Step
A Question To Pose
Many Ways Of Traveling
The Inadequacy Of Rational Consideration

Dear reader and seeker of wisdom!

The first step is to leave the forbidden area, then the doubtful without looking back; then walking (striving) the (up-) right Way (as-SirāT), then you will arrive at the territory of the Halāl, the allowed and the blessed. There will still be trials, but then rejoicing and the company of the best of men (or women), the believers and the SāliHīn, the righteous, the trustworthy ones.

And the first step is to know that Allah, may His Majesty be exalted, exists and that He has neither direction nor place, not any helper nor partner and no need towards His creation.

This is the point of turning away (taubah) from sins and ill-deeds, just as leaving the non-existence of someone who ignored and disregarded Allah and His commandments and who relied on his own insecure reasoning, the weakest of all foundations! And to turn to the Mery and Compassion (raHma) of Allah and the prophetic example set by His Messenger ﷺ.


So in order to make your fotsteps stable in this world of tribulations and also great wonders, start learning the foundations of the religion of Islam (dīn), how to gain the pleasure of Allah (riDwānuh), may His Majesty be exalted, then seek to know and observe the Halāl (the allowed) and avoid decisively the Harām (the forbidden), seek the knowledge of the essentials (farā'id) of the divine Law (sharī`a), and strive to seek out a spiritual link to the Prophet of Allah ﷺ tasawwuf or authentic sufism.

Knowledge of religion includes to acquaint oneself with the life of the best of men who ever set his foot on earth (sīrah), the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , how he was chosen by Allah, how he solved the problems of his community and what was his spirituality (jihād).
See for example:

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May Allah bless him and grant him peace.


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